NDX (1) v's NAC N272

Hi all, I have been comparing the NDX (1) and NAC-N 272 as streamers only into a Supernait 2. In theory the NDX should sound better as it is focused product. However, I am struggling to hear the difference. Maybe it’s my ears? Does anyone have any insights or experiences please?

A few years back I compared various NDX and 272 fronted systems and consistently found the NDX setups to sound better. For example, I found NDX/Supernait2 a little better than 272/250DR despite the better power amp in the latter. Still, if your ears tell you something different maybe you shouldn’t worry about it too much.

How are you making these comparisons? If you have both units hooked up to the amp at the same time this may compromise performance, so I would be careful to set up each system optimally before making any judgements.

Thanks for your thoughts. I am making the NDX <-> 272 streamer comparison separately, taking the other item out of the system and then spending a few weeks of listening. It makes sense that the NDX would sound better but so far any differences are not apparent to my ears.

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If you own all three boxes, why not sell both the NDX and the 272 and get a NDX2? It will sound better and do more.

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That’s certainly an option. I would be much more interested in a significant sound quality upgrade rather than the improved functionality of the NDX2 over the NDX.

The Ndx2 is clearly better sounding vs the Ndx.

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The NDX2 is better as a source than either the NDX or the 272. If you can afford it, it would be lovely with your Supernait 2.


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