NDX 2 - can't add radio stations

On the new streamers you can’t change the order of the radio stations as you could on the earlier streamers.




You can on a Muso though, go figure!

Update: got on to Naim itself. The first suggestions didn’t work. In the last exchange, they asked for the MAC (? something like that) number. I provided it, and all has been silent ever since. I guess I’m destined never to add radio stations.

I would try to get back in touch with Naim support. Explain your steps taken so far.

Thanks, Richard, but the ball’s in their court. They asked for this MAC number, I think in the assumption that it was wrong somehow, so I supplied it. Hard to see that it could be wrong as that’s what the machine says it is.

Hi @teemacs,

When using the Naim app pick the NDX -> then the setup icon (the gear icon in the top right) -> Input Settings -> Internet Radio. This will show the VTuner mac address. See screenshot example below (I removed some digits to stop some kind person abusing mine!)

Next up browse to naim.vtuner.com
Enter the mac address - see screenshot below.

You can then add stations by click on the ‘Add Another Station’ link.

Each one added will appear in the Internet Radio -> Added Stations view.

Now, after saying all this, we prefer that if you have a station that VTuner don’t know (or its a better quality version), then let us know and we’ll ask VTuner to update their directory. Alternatively, if you can’t find a given station, let us know what station you are looking for and we’ll let you know where it’s hiding in the vtuner directory.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

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Hi Steve,
I have added the Radio Paradise flac feeds. They don’t provide content data with the flac stream, but I think it sounds a bit better than the 320K feed. The JB2 Radio flac steam also sounds a bit better.


Hi Marty,

Currently we don’t publish FLAC streams on VTuner, or Naim’s Choice for various reasons:

  • Not all products support them

  • It can be demanding on some users network connections. 320kbit streams produce enough headaches for some customers.

  • If even a few percent of Naim customers used them, most non national radio providers would melt down under the load. aka, it would turn into a vast load on their servers.



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Many thanks for your time and trouble in putting up that detailed run-down. I shall try it tonight when I get home.

Best regards,

Tried all of this and it does not add stations to the Added Stations folder, they appear on vRadio web application in the folder you select on the PC to store them but not on the NDX 2, have tried powering off and no effect.

So it’s not just my bungling incompetence!

P.S. Poking around on the vtuner website, I came across this description of my device:

Naim Uniti with vTuner MAC Address : xxxxxxxxxx

But it’s NOT a Uniti! Could that be my problem, that the computer thinks it’s a different device? Ot does that not make any difference?

Hi @teemacs

I just did a sanity check here and added a few new stations and they appeared ok in ‘Added Stations’.

If you can email me at: steve.harris(at)naimaudio.com with your vtuner ID details and I’ll take a look on what is up.



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Dear All, thanks to Stevesky, I’ve seen the light! I’ve been trying to add stations on the vtuner site on the computer - this cannot be done, they have to be added on the app either on Apple or Android. You scan through to the station you require, for example, one from the oul’ sod:

Location->Europe->United Kingdom->All Stations->BBC Radio Ulster

You then play it and once it is playing, you can select it as favourite. It will appear on your app (nowhere else) as a favourite, and you can access it directly from then on.


So it that seems that adding stations via the http://naim.vtuner.com even on an iPad does not add Stations selected off this web site to the NDX / Naim app (Added Stations folder). From what you are saying you have to use the Naim app, select the internet radio tab and then go through that route to find and add a station via playing it and then making it a favourite. I was aware of this route to add a station but was frustrated with not being able to add via the naim.vtuner web page, after all the added stations folder on the Naim app under radio tells you to visit this site and and sign up using your MAC ID, doh !!

It all hinges on the meaning of “added stations”. Stevesky says that “added stations” means ones that are not on that 4000-odd-long list on the vtuner website and which you therefore have to add by yourself, complete with Internet address. This is not clear, or at least it wasn’t to me. Perhaps Naim should make it clear that this is what is meant.

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Yes agree, spent ages trying to follow the Naim instructions to add stations via vtuner to no avail, so thank you teemacs for starting this thread. This part of the app at least is not intuitive at all.

A definite improvement for a numpty like me would be an ability to group favourites under different categories (Jazz, Classical etc), and move them up and down the list.

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