NDX 2 Din Unlock Issue


This afternoon, I tried recording from my NDX 2 onto both a Tascam solid state recorder and a Sony Minidisc recorder via the NDX 2’s coax digital out. I was trying to record from Qobuz and from BBC Radio 3. In both cases, the “Din Unlock” error message came up on the two recorders.

I did not have this issue with the digital out on my SuperUniti.

Thoughts and suggestions gratefully received.

Have you got the digital output enabled on the NDX2 ? You’ll need to go into the settings menu to enable it.

Hi James,

I thought about that. It’s the most likely reason. But I couldn’t find the digital out in settings. Most likely user incompetence!

I’ll have another look in settings.

The NDX 2 is connected to my Supernait 3 via the analogue output.

Will take a look - cheers.

Hi James,

Sorted! Many thanks for that.

All the best.

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