NDX 2 Garbled 24-bit

Morning all,

Before I contact the dealer on Monday, anyone had any experience with a NDX2 not able to process 24-bit content?

Output is garbled or sounds like its being played at half-speed. Happens to both local content from Asset and streamed content from Qobuz. 16-bit content is fine. Unit was a straight swap for a NDX.


Don’t have this problem with my ndx2/xpsdr using Qobuz.
I’m new to streaming . What firmware ? Try firmware update?
Good luck.

Thanks. Latest firmware,, was auto-updated on first power-on. I fear a duff unit. :frowning:

How long have u had it?
I assume it did work properly initially?

That’s not normal. Just copy a 24-bits file on a USB stick and insert it in the front USB port. If it replays fine, there is likely something broken in the streaming card of the device or in your network.

Cant help on your NDX2 problem I but can confirm my NDX2 is fine on 24bit ex Qobuz. However, FYI the same “half speed”" effect happens when I stream 24bit Qobuz through my PC/Hugo2 combination. Not sure why this happens and have never been able to fix it.
Hope you can sort your NDX2 quickly and you dont have a duff unit - good luck.

New unit, days old!

I am afraid sounds faulty. Just ensure you have latest firmware (that might clear any gremlins) other than that I suggest send back to Salisbury via your dealer.

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Brilliant suggestion, thanks. Same behaviour, anything 24- bit is, well, shall I say, not as the artist intended! :joy::cry:

Parcel for Salisbury time…

Thanks all. exactly what I wanted to do of getting the legwork done before bothering the dealer and Naim.

There was however one thing I hadn’t done…

Having turned the NDX2 off, a.k.a. putting into standby, overnight I hadn’t actually powered down. Firstly, because there is no proper power switch on it, and secondly, given the rated power draw in standby how could there possibly be anyway power could be provided to the DSPs//DAC whilst in standby?

How foolish of me! (To not expect a flaky product?) Full power down for half an hour of the entire stack, gradual power-up and all appears to be well.

Thanks again all for help with the debugging.

The appeal of going DCS rather than full-fat 555 continues to grow. An urge I was hoping would be snuffed-out by this upgrade.


One thing never forget to power off/power on

Indeed, even when theres no power switch!:joy::sob:

I’m having the exact same problem! I thought at first it was the specific Qobuz album that was the issue, but it definitely happens with other albums. Playing the album directly on my Nova is fine. If I power cycle the NDX2, then I’m able to play the album “ungarbled”, but often times it will start doing it again at some point during album play. It happens as well if I play 24-bit Qobuz tracks through Roon on the NDX2. No issues with Tidal tracks. If I play the album from the NDX2 and stream to other devices using multi-room, the NDX2 plays garbled but all other NAIM units play ungarbled. I’m relieved to know that it’s likely not specific to my unit, and hopefully can be resolved with a firmware update.

If your device cannot replay 24-bit files normally, you should probably send it back to Naim. I have no first-hand experience with Naim streamers but, to me, it seems unlikely to be a firmware issue.

It can play 24-bit files normally, it’s just inconsistent when they’re played from Qobuz. And up until recently (I’m guessing since the most recent firmware upgrade), I never had this issue with Qobuz. To be clear, Tidal 24-bit tracks and 24-bit tracks served from a local UPnP server have no issues whatsoever. Now that I’ve learned that someone else is experiencing the same problem, I’m not convinced that it’s an issue with either of our streamers.

@Zebedee is not experiencing the same problem. In his case, all 24 bits files sound strange, no matter whether from internet streaming services, LAN servers or attached USB stick.

But he does say that a complete power down of the NDX2 solves the issue for some period of time. That is true of mine as well. I think that we have the same issue. I’m going to reach out to NAIM to see if I can downgrade the firmware to see if that resolves the intermittent issue.

Hi @heidelj apols for the delayed response.

My theory is the 3.5.1 upgrade, which happened automatically on first boot, did not correctly restart the DSPs/DAC and this was only accomplished by a full power down.

Given that leaving NDX2 on standby overnight did not fix the issue, I removed all power from the entire rack for a good half an hour to ensure there was no retained current in the system.

The NDX2 has been stable since.

If after doing this you still have an issue I would try setting different 24-bit sampling frequencies in the Naim app and if that doesn’t reveal anything, I would test streaming the same content from another device connected to your network in the same way as the NDX2.


The thing with all of these new platform devices is that “standby” is different depending on settings and in the case of “network sleep”, most of the streaming stuff is still powered. Also if it’s not working properly, you can’t be sure what sort of standby the unit is in, so I always emphasise a power off restart if I am suggesting a restart to someone

I don’t think you need to wait ten minutes incidentally. All the capacitors should be discharged in a few seconds, certainly within 30 secs.



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Something for next edition of the Quick Start Guide for sure.