NDX 2 NAIM light

Quick question that may have been asked before, so apologies in advance if it has, but is there a way to keep the Naim light on whilst the unit is in standby so that the illumination of the unit is consistent in the dark with other Naim units - it is not a major issue but may make the system look a little more aesthetically pleasing at night while not in use, particularly as it is recommended that you leave the units powered.

Change setting to never go in standby.

Thanks, it’s a shame that it cannot be put into standby and have the option to keep the Naim light on or off, oh well, no problem.

Ask Naim to consider this in their next firmware update.

It’s probably not possible with firmware. The whole point of standby is to conserve power, so they shut off the power supply. That light is probably powered by that power supply, not the little switch mode supply that comes on in standby. The lights are most likely small LEDs that don’t require much power, but they aren’t wired the way you want them to work. I’m sure you could do it with some hardware mods.

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