NDX 2 power button flashes four times

Hello Guys,

I read an almost similar thread (which is closed) on the forum. In my case I do use the XPS power supply for the NDX 2

My NDX 2 has also become unresponsive today. It played normally and suddenly the music stopped. The power button is pulsing four times, than it stops pulsing for a few seconds and pulses 4 times again etc…
The display shows the home screen. When I press the power button (short or long press) it don’t do anything. It wouldn’t re-boot so I had to power cycle the XPS which feeds my NDX 2. I hoped this would do the job but unfortunate the power button keeps pulsing.
The app seems to find the NDX 2 on the network although it can’t connect to it.
Strange, when I select a track via my Roon core the NDX 2 display shows the right album/track but I still can’t hear anything and the power button keeps pulsing.
Thanks to someone at the naim fb forum I tried physically unplugging the Burndy power cable (with xps power on) and reconnecting it but that didn’t work. Then I used the XPS power cable in the NDX2 with the link plug instead of powering with XPS but that also didn’t work.
Does anyone please have any other suggestions? Thanks for your help, much appreciated!

Have you tried a factory reset on the NDX2?

I can’t access the menu/settings at all.

Call me a coward, but I think I would want to do that with the XPS turned off!

My first move would be to power down and disconnect everything. Then start again from scratch, making sure that all the connections are right, and properly connected. Then turn it on again and see what happens.

Is it trying to do a software update?

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You do a factory reset like this:

Restoring NDX 2 to Factory Settings

When turning on the NDX 2 power supply, hold down the Play and Input selection buttons of the NDX 2, until the front panel display of the NDX 2 turns on, then release. Warning: This will reset the music database and will delete all favourites and playlists.

Thanks Pcd and especially David!! The factory reset worked and everything seems in order! Even my favorites and playlists are still there.

Still wondering how this could happen.

Thanks a lot guys, very happy!! Enjoy your evening!



Indeed, slow pulsing in groups of 4 sounds like an update.

There is another issue were it flashes faster in a pattern of 5 - 4 - 2, this tends to necessitate a factory reset. I had that two or three times and others reported it as well in the beta thread.

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**4-2-5 power button flashing: **
Streaming board failing to initialise

Had/having similar issues with my ndx2. Reported the issue to Naim tec support who advised the following:

Sequence of 4 then 2 then 5 power button flashing: Streaming board failing to initialise. Pull power plug out press top and bottom buttons whilst putting power lead in again and keep holding until screen turns on. This is a hard reset. For a soft reset do the same but with the middle two buttons.

You’ll need to repair your remote after this:

Pairing the Remote

  1. To pair your remote, ensure NDX 2 is turned on.
  2. Press the Play/ Pause button on the front of the NDX 2.
  3. Press and hold the Home button for 3 seconds. …

I’ve had to use this resetting sequence a couple of time since too but at least it kept the music kept playing over Christmas.

Software update fixable issue or something more serious?


Glad you have got it sorted, been using a ND555 for over two years and on the odd occasion you get a problem a power down generally resolves the issue very rarely do you have to resort to a factory reset.

Enjoy the music.

Thanks again and indeed i’m very glad it’s sorted.

Enjoy the music too with your ND555… wow!

My ND555 had to go back to Naim aseveral months ago and my dealer loaned me a NDX2 and I found it to be a stunning performer in my system.

I was very impressed with the NDX2 a superb streamer indeed.

Yes, I’m really enjoying mine. I was thinking of selling my PS555DR when I sold the 272, but after running the NDX2 by itself for a while I thought I’d see what the PS did for it…

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And … ? :wink:

And…he’s not selling it after all.



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