NDX 2 Power up permanently?

Like most of you I keep all the gear on all the time. However, I do tend to turn off the NDX 2 at the end of the day. Sometimes runs hot and has often been pumping out Radio Paradise all day so maybe deserves a break from that mellow vibe. Also, the large screen is quite distracting as it sits under the telly and takes the attention. Should I adopt the principle of leaving it on or OK to turn it off? Cause any damage? reduce life? anyway, sounds brilliant. TIA Paley

Why not set the screen to turn off while playing, and set the NDX2 to automatically go into standby after say 20 minutes?

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Ah. Hadn’t thought of that. Will look up how to do it. Ta

Other settings. Display. Display off during playback.

Other settings. Auto standby time. Select the one you want.

Easy peasy.

Mine also sits by the telly so I have the NDX2 screen turned off.
I leave the NDX2 on at all times, apart from during close thunderstorms and whilst away for extended periods.

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