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Hi, About 5 years ago I got a Mu-so. Fantastic. 3 years ago an NDX and Supernait 2 coupled to PMC Twenty 24 speakers. Even better.
A month or so ago I upgraded to NDX2 + Supernait 3. Improved sound.

However, two days ago the NDX2 stopped responding to the iPad app. Neither could I play Radio from the front panel. Switched on/off from the remote, switched power off from mains… no change. I tested the network cable to make sure the switch and cable were not the problem. They were fine.

Then I belatedly realized that I had no internet access. Once that was resolved the NDX 2 came back to life. After this I deliberately cut access to the internet. No NDX. The device is working and responds to the remote, but it will not stream from my home servers and does not appear on the iPad app.

So it seems that the NDX 2 will not work without access to the Internet. Does anyone know if this is so or am I missing a menu option or otherwise doing something wrong?

I appreciate any help or comments.

It’s the way the your home network is configured that stops it working for local streaming. Most people’s home network will work in the same way as they rely on the ISP router to manage everything.

It doesn’t have to be this way but you need to probably get somebody knowledgeable to sort your network out to be resilient.

Or get your ISP to sort your internet out :smiley:

If my internet connection is down, I will sometimes get a page on a computer or iOS web browser which, after it has unsuccessfully attempted to fix it, comes up with a ‘use without internet access’ option. It’s very poorly implemented in that it’s not always easy to access this page so you can select the offline option, and if you’re not using a web browser you will never get the page at all, but at least once you’ve done that you can access your LAN.

Where is your music stored, and how is the store and player connected to the network?

It sounds as if it relates to where your DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server resides and operates. If it is running and allocating IP addresses to clients from your Internet provider router (everything done in one box) and that is disconnected or is not connected to your provider network, your clients will lose their IP address and connectivity, even to other clients on your LAN.
I had this issue a while back connecting to Virgin Media in the UK. If there was a problem with their network or my Modem/Router was not connected to the Virgin Media network for any reason, it would cycle through a connection process and reboot in doing so, meaning all devices on my LAN would stop working, even if they didn’t require the Internet connection to work as expected. An example of those clients would be my Philips Hue Lights which work without an Internet connection.
That was some time ago, now I run my VM Router in bridged mode as a Modem only and have a separate dedicated router (where my DHCP Server runs) and separate LAN switch so regardless of the status of the Internet connection, anything on the LAN remains functional.
I also give static IP address allocation to key equipment in my home, including my NDX2, most DHCP servers allow you to create a static address allocation, that way regardless of what happens a specific device will always have the same IP address, making it somewhat easier to recall what device is on what address.

So I have a home network with various servers connected via Ethernet. The NDX connects via an Ethernet cable to the main network switch. Also connected to this switch are three workstations which all have copies of my music collection (mostly as FLAC files). I use a Linux Streamer: Serviio and I can see all servers running Serviio on the iPad Naim app. Music streams from these with no issue. I also subscribe to Tidal and can listen to it with no issues.

So, I thought that even if the Internet was down I should be able to play music stored on my local servers.

By the way, many thanks for the very prompt response!!

Thanks, from this reply I think I understand what might be the problem. So next time the internet fails I shall check two things, one is the router itself down. If not and it is the feed from the provider then local streaming should work. If the router is down then the NDX might lose connectivity.

This is useful stuff.

Thank-you for this reply. VERY useful. I see exactly what you mean. I normally set static IP addresses on the router, but have not done this for the NDX2. Possibly why the NDX(1) never had this issue in the three years I used it.

Shall also consider a separate router that runs DHCP.

Thanks again!

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Music is stored on hard drives in Linux servers. Streamed by a program called Serviio. Servers are connected via a switch to each other (for backups etc) and to the NDX. All connections are wired. A feed from the ISP router comes into this main switch.

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