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I got my new NDX 2 yesterday and still getting to know it. Setting it up to the internet was a breeze, using the same app as the Muso(1) and i didn’t need to put in passwords or anything, but i still went with wired ethernet . I have some questions if someone could help me out. 1) I was hoping the volume on the remote would operate my 52 pre amp, it doesn’t. So what is the volume meant for if it doesn’t operate naim’s pre amps ? I have a Cambridge CNX V2 streamer and that operates the 52 pre. 2) I have the CDS 3 so would the 555PS and the burndy cable be okay with the NDX 2 ? 3) What if you connected it with the 555PS/burndy (if ok) with the original supplied IEC together, would this damage the NDX 2 or would it just cancel it out ?


Congratulations on you purchase the NDX2 is a great streamer made outstanding with the addition of the PS.

You need to enable system automation to control the volume with the Naim app. Details here:

You’ll also need a specific Burndy to power the NDX2 via the PS a S-XPS Burndy.

Don’t power the ndx2 at the same time as powering it with an external psu.

“ The NDX 2 is easily upgradable via the addition of an external power supply to provide a substantial improvement in sound quality. CD555 PS, XPS or XP5 XS power supply can be connected to the NDX 2 using an SXPS Burndy cable. When used with an external power supply the NDX 2 must be disconnected from the mains. Disconnect the streamer from the mains before connecting the external power supply.”

The NDX2 is a vastly improved device with an external Naim PSU (555DR, XPSDR) - provided it I connected properly…

The NDX2 and ND555 remotes work differently using the Zigbee system (Don’t ask me what that is) and therefore will not operate other Naim devices.

Pretty sure a 52 and 52 preamps do not have this feature the Volume control built into the NDX2 was a requirement for the Apple A|irplay function.

Trust this is of help and enjoy your NDX2 it is a stunning source.

As much as i am sure the PS 555DR is an improvement in sound, i can’t justify the price of it, which is even more than the NDX 2 itself. Does the burndy cable come supplied with it or do you have to pay separate for it ?

As pcd points out, I don’t think you can do that with a NAC52.

If you already have a 555PS and Burndy for your CDS3 then you could disconnect that from the CDS3 and try it on the NDX2.

And as others have said, don’t stick a mains lead into the ndx2 at the same time as it is being powered by an external psu. It don’t like it.
The volume thing on the ndx2 works in a similar way to the Cambridge. It just turns down the analogue output to the din or RCAs.

Before trying the 555PS out on the NDX2, power down the 555PS unit first, and the NDX2…then re-power up the 555PS after moving the Burndy from CDS3 to the NDX2…

Have a good Sunday

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This what I thought Richard, that I could use the CDS 3 burndy cable, but someone said that it wouldn’t work because it’s wired differently.

The Cambridge CNX V2 did alter the volume through the RCA’s but you can switch that off. It works the volume on the 52 on its own just like a naim remote.

The CDS3 uses the S-XPS Burndy, which is also what you would use with the NDX2 when powering from a 555PS or XPS2/DR

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What, the Cxnv2 rotates the 52’s volume pot?

Well this good news, because I think I will be using the NDX 2 more than the CDS3 for the foreseeable future.

That is correct.

Blimy. Not sure how it does that but great. I had a cxnv2, and it was a great player. Regular updates.

Maybe it uses a suitable RC5 codeset for the volume control.

Must be. And doesn’t need a 3.5mm plugged lead to make the 52 work.

Had ? Did you sell it ? I bought the CNX V2 a week ago, then I bought NDX2 a few days ago because I just couldn’t resist. I can return the CNX V2 back to Richer sounds within the 14 day period, but I think I’ll keep it and use on my system in the bedroom with the 72/hicap/140 and B&W 606. And I haven’t had time to listen and try it out yet because I’m still with the NDX2.