NDX 2 Service Interval

Is the service interval for NDX 2 is same as for other classic components which is 12-15 years or is it different and secondly, Is the date starts from the manufacturing date or the date when first fired up.

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That’s a great question, it should be for the date it was manufactured, but I can’t be sure, but the logic serves the manufacture date.

I Am waiting for a new amp because the demo unit was 2 years old, and I wanted a unit from this year to avoid taking it to service 2 years early.

But my NDX 2 I think I Am on the same boat, as my unit was manufactured in 2019 and I purchased it in the middle of last year, and the NDX broke 8 months later. But If I take the year of manufacture, I have lost 3 years of use until it needs servicing.

But still 12 to 15 years for service, I will have 9 to 12 years of use.

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Aging of capacitors starts as soon as the capacitor has passed a certain stage at the component manufacturer.

I do not think Naim has capacitors on the shelf for years so the year of manufacture of your Naim device should be where it starts. The NDX2 is so new in this context that time-span for service is probably only calculations - no one knows.

I am not sure of all the causes of aging but I do remember heat is one of them, and my experience has been that Naim products in general are running cool. Also the lifespan of capacitors keeps increasing. So I would not worry about this anytime soon - keep enjoying your Naim products.


The reason I asked this question is I have purchased the NDX 2 in a very good offer and could not resist it, after getting the unit when I checked the serial number the manufactured date was from 2019, however the box was sealed and never opened, it was first fired up on 22nd Aug 2022, hence this concern.

The 12 to 15 years is a recommendation not a necessity, unless you feel the performance has dropped off and a service is deemed to be appropriate.


As @jan says, its really from when the Capacitors were made. But, being realistic, lets go with the year the Naim unit was built. In this case, for @BackToNaim , it is 2019.

I believe that Naim’s advice on source components is more as @robert_h says - when/if you think performance has dropped off. Certainly for CD players, the advice is NOT to service (unless there are definite problems) - because of the risk of damage in shipping. A streamer should be far less sensitive so could be shipped.

I would not be worrying about a 2019 unit - so long as the seller told you it was a 2019 unit… :thinking:

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The seller did not mentioned nor did I asked, the unit was offered in around GBP 2500 so I got tempted and bought at once.

Current rrp is £6k so seems like a good price, I wouldn’t have any concerns.

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Good price is an understatement! That’s an amazing deal IMO!? I’ve not seen a secondhand one anywhere close to £3k, let alone 2.5. Not that I exhaustively look, but I still think that’s by some way the cheapest NDX2 I’ve heard of. Great find @BackToNaim

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Bought mine in 2021. I am 61 and a 1/2! I will either be deaf or dead by the time mine needs a service so I am not too worried about this lol.:grimacing::sunglasses:


God bless you and stay healthy and live longer, hobby is the very important thing which keeps us happy and charged, do not leave that, as the saying goes life should be big and not long. Stay safe and enjoy music.

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I totally agree with You. I’m 66 and bought mine NDX 2 in August this year :grin::+1:


Blimey, the NDX2 is sounding like its a product for the mature person…I was a few days past my 65th birthday when I got mine!!


I my case I discovered the NDX 2 was 2019 because I searched the SN in Naim website, I purchased mine new last year, I am now 5 months without mine with the system stopped.

That’s not good. Where is your NDX2 now - back at Salisbury…?

Mine also is manufactured in 2019 but purchased last month brand new sealed pack, now having the issue, need to restart to work normally already done quite a few times.

Yes it is back, two consecutive repairs, the first 4 months and the second I expect to be faster, I hope.

It needed a new board, Wi-Fi just did not work, the board was replaced and was like new, but the box was damaged in the process, now back again to repair the box, unfortunately the second repair at a cost.

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