NDX 2 System Automation pre-amp input

Hi everyone. A comment in another thread made me realise that changing the preamp input via system automation is something that should be possible.

I’ve had system automation working between my NDX 2 and SuperUniti for the past year, but having played with the app I’m not able to get preamp source selection working.

Has anyone managed to get source selection working between an NDX 2 and SuperUniti? And if so, how are the SuperUniti sources addressed, and configured in the Naim control app?

There is an issue in the app - being currently investigated in the beta group. This is confirmed at least with NDX2 (and so most likely with all new streamers) and e.g. NAC252 and SuperNait3, I don’t know about SuperUniti

If you change the input on the amp away from the streamer, either with the remote or with the source buttons on the amp, the app does not switch back to the streamer input anymore when you start playing e.g. Qobuz. This persists until you switch to the other input manually in the app. After this, it works again.

The problem seems not to happen when you start an iRadio stream, but it does with e.g. Qobuz.

I suspect it cannot be done, as the SU is an all in one rather than a preamp. You simply change SU inputs using the app.

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