NDX 2 to Active Speakers: XLR Question

Hi everyone - just looking for some technical advice…
I have the NDX 2 connected via its RCA Outs to a Buchardt Hub which in turn drives my Buchardt A700’s wirelessly through WISA. I’d like to dispense with the hub (at least for now) and connect directly from the Naim to the XLR inputs (the only physical connection on the speakers). Can I use a pair of RCA to XLR cables or could that damage the Naim.? Understand Naim doesn’t really support XLR. Thanks…Denis

It might be wise to check with Naim, either directly or via your dealer, whether it will be ok driving long leads. The NDX outputs are unbalanced so you’ll have to wire the XLRs accordingly.

I don’t know if you are aware but the NDX2 has only a very basic digital volume control, just enough to get Apple or Google certification. It’s not a high quality control such as those on a proper preamp, so you won’t be getting the best from it.

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Thanks for that - I’ll check directly with Naim…

The speakers themselves are completely brilliant especially with room correction and the different sound profiles available so am very happy with them. The only issue is with the Hub which can be a bit glitchy but Mads Buchardt has been working hard with its maker, Platin. You can run them without he hub but you’d miss out on WISA and room correction.

Probbaly not as no WISA or room correction. Buchardt have their own hub under development so I’ll probably just wait until that’s released. Cheers

Assuming the cables are wired appropriately you won’t damage the NDX2.
However two considerations

  1. for best SQ use an UnBal to BalUn audio transformer… and connect close to the NDX2. There are high quality inline audio devices made for the professional audio market that work well here.

  2. I would for most active speakers ensure the NDX2 ground switch is set to float.

That should get you off the ground, but ideally get a preamp when you can to drive the actives… as the output of the NDX2 has only a basic digital volume control. There more for comparability and Apple licensing arrangements rather than performance and SQ. additionally the output of the NDX2 is designed for preamps, and it’s impedance characteristics won’t be optimal for driving a power amp/actives… so it likely won’t sound optimal.
Remember the preamp is far more than just a volume control.

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