NDX 2 - wrong power cable connection


I recently bought a NDX 2 and the additional 555 PS. The whole chain is: NDX 2 - NAC 252 - NAP 300 DR. Unfortunately I made a mistake by plugging in the power igel cable and simultaneously the Burndy cable from the 555 PS. When I turned on the NDX 2 it kind of started correctly with the installation process but after a short time everything froze in and the power button started blinking. Well then i realized my mistake and removed the power igel cable. After fixing the problem and restating, the unit works normal. Now im wondering if I caused already some damage or does the NDX 2 has a build in protection against such problems ?

Thanks for your help, i hope you could understand my English im not a native speaker.

Greetings, Michael

Don’t worry. Others have made the same mistake and it’s been ok.

Nice system by the way Michael

Nice system, if-its still working, relax and enjoy.

Oh good, now I can relax. The NDX 2 is totally new. Yesterday I went to my dealer to ask the same question. An employee wanted to demonstrate me that its completely save to plugin Burndy and power igel simultaneously. So he plugged in the power igel cable, but unlike me he did it while the streamer was already running and playing music. I told him that I think the manual says otherwise. To make a long story short, he destroyed the board. His mood was not so good anymore until his colleague entered the room to tell us that the NDX 2 was only the demo unit from Naim Germany and not their own property … :sweat_smile:

I would imagine that is an easy mistake to make and would imagine Naim have a fail safe built into the product to protect itself. Hence the flashing logo fault state.

I did the same when I first took delivery of my NDX2… It’s fine, no damage or issues.

Sounds like you figured it all out, maybe a case of read the manual for next time.
Curious if you ran your NDX2 for any length of time without the 555PS and if you had any comments on with/without.
I’m planning to add a 555PS to mine next so interested as a result.

I got my NDX 2 last monday. Since then I had not really much time to listen music. But that will change soon and I can make some listening tests. Im also making some adjustments to my listening room. I think right now it is a limiting factor. I will write here about my impressions when everything is ready

I got an answer from Naim support regarding my mistake:

You’ll are absolutely fine, no damage will have been done. The units contain safety protocols and it would just flag up a message like “two PSUs connected, please power down and disconnect the mains PSU”.

So i was lucky :sweat_smile:

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