NDX 2 Zigbee problem

hello all, i have now for the second time a Zigbee problem with my NDX 2, when this problem comes the streamer freezes, and also a factory reset doesn’t help. each time i need to send in my NDX to Naim. Who else has this problem. Naim told me that a factory always works, but it doesn’t.
the code NDX gives is 416, as soon i make a factory reset, 2 buttons and reconnect power the power button starts to blink this code 416. also the Naim logo stays off, normally it turns green.

would like to know or there are more users with this problem, and what Naim did about it.

Sorry to hear of your issue here Ben. I take it you mean that Naim have tested the unit at the factory and not found a fault?

What about your dealer? Have they tested the unit and found the same issue at their premises?

hi, Naim found a fault, and they change some part of hardware, but i don’t know which part

OK. Was it done by the factory in the UK or by the local Naim distributor? But you say the issue remains? And you dealer agrees?

it was at the importer in Holland, i bought the naim in Holland, it works well again for a few months,
i think 1 of the reasons is power disconnecting, we have here sometimes grid issues, and this morning we had one again

Ah, OK. I wonder whether @tomvamos has a view here on power outages having any effect on this.

i would be happy for a solution, the importer in Holland is Latham, because i live in France now i need to send back all the time with a Parcel service, in Holland i did get a extra 3 year Guarantee, in France they can’t help me, my NDX 2 is now 3 years old

Warranty information here.

You may have 5 years if you registered with Naim.

That’s for purchases made in the UK and Eire only. The Netherlands is distributed by Latham and they will likely have their own warranty terms.

My suspicion here, if it’s working fine while with the distributor but not when back at your own location, is that it may be an issue somewhere on your network. However, I’m no expert here, so worth discussing with your dealer.

Thanks for the clarification.

i found by google a answer, i changed the batteries of the remote control, and make a new factory reset, and now its working, it seems when the batteries of the remote are empty, its not working anymore, also when using only the app


That’s great news. Sometimes it can be the most smallest (and most obvious) things!

I think you will find it will work fine on the app even if the remote batteries are dead, but if you do a factory reset then pairing with the remote is an essential step that you can’t miss out. And that’s why you got that error message.



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