Ndx 24/192 board

Help me! Where can I order 24/192 board for NDX. In Hungary, the price is about 475 GBP. I’d rather order from England. My question is, where can I order?

You should contact Naim’s service department. The board is likely not available just to buy as a part - it would need to be fitted by an approved Naim service agent - even if only because of the ESD risk.

I was looking for an official service, but in Hungary the purchase is 475GBP, while in England it is 140-150 GBP. I’d rather buy it from England and only make the service in Hungary

The Hungarian official service said the board was 475 GBP. But this is GBP 140-150 in England.
Therefore, I buy more in England, and I only made the installation in Hungary

I don’t think it’s something that can be bought from a dealer as an ‘item’ - it’s a service part that should be properly installed according to Naim training. Either way, you should contact Naim service dept. for further details.

I’ve already picked up, I hope they can help.Unfortunately, there is only one official service in Hungary, but it does not work at an affordable price

I did this just before Christmas. But through my dealer who helped me install it. I changed the Naim logo at the same time which suffered from some logo bleed. The price in total was around 500 Euros.
No t much help for you, I know. But you can look forward to an improved SQ and above all: TIDAL which is a vast improvement over Spotify.
Good luck.

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