NDX and Ndac

I’m curious if the Ndac can upgrade the NDX?
I use NDX with an XPS2.

Yes, the Naim DAC can definitely be used as an upgrade on the NDX. I would also recommend using the NAIM BNC-BNC DC1 cable to connect them, but do make sure it’s very well run in before judging it properly.

Thank you Richard,

Some tips for him to give the best?

The usual advice re. placement - i.e. don’t place one directly on top of the other. Make sure the Burndy is nicely relaxed (you may well want to use it on the DAC).

You should also try using the XPS to power the NDAC instead of the NDX, as you may well find this to be preferable.

Yes, that was my idea.
Moreover, I wonder if the streaming unit (HDX, NDX, ND5xs …) has an influence on the restitution when the dac is short circuited by Ndac?

Please let us know your findings, Crifo. I’m on an olive path too and have heared sbls 82 250 and ndx1. That sounded very nice.

Hello Ardbeg,
It’s been a few months since the NDX took the place of my CDS / CDPS for reasons of simplicity of use (especially for my Kids).
The NDX is fine as soon as what is upstream (Synology / Meyan, switch / SBooster, RJ45 Vovox) is optimized.
It still lacks a bit of eloquence compared to the CDS, that’s why I’m looking for the DAC.

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Might be worth considering swapping NDX for NDS and use your XPS2. The overall costs would be similar to purchasing an nDac and you’d have one less black box, Fraim shelf, etc. I picked up an NDS for £2700 to replace my ND5 XS with non Naim Dac. I had the CDS2 and XPS which sounded amazing. I sold it when I got the NDS. The NDS betters the CDS2 in my opinion and means I no longer want or need a CD player!

Earlier this year, I replaced a Musical Fidelity VDAC2+VPSU with nDAC+XPS in my olive active SBLs system.

For sure there was the usual more treble, more bass, more separation, yada, yadda, yadda. But what was most surprising was the whole tone was much (for want of a better adjective) “darker”. I wasn’t sure I liked it at first, but have got used to it, and it’s good!

Streamer is a Allo USBridgeSig+DigiOneSig+Cuinas ISO-PS+MoOde setup. Interconnect is a DC-1.

And the black brushed aluminium case of the Allo reminds me of something else…

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I think you posted details of your system recently. Quite a few Boxes.

Just a suggestion. Your may find the darker sound, bass and treble are a function of the mains plug arrangement. I’d stick to power, pre, nDAC and PS and see how it sounds. The digital sources don’t need to be on a HiFi radial. If you don’t like it or find it doesn’t make a difference then you can go back to it as it was.


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I thought about it, but the financial difference is important and the resale of the NDX does not carry much today …
NDS ~ 3000 £
Ndac ~ £ 900
and my NDX paid ~ £ 700 (yes a chance!)

I sold my ND5 XS for £1050 on that well known auction site, so you should get more for the NDX. Just a thought.

Was that recently? Prices for the legacy streamers have dipped a bit, understandably so.

I bought my NDS 2 months ago. I have seen them go for as low as £2100. £2500- £3000 seems about the right price.

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