NDX and playlists


Can anyone help me with NDS and playlists? I expected to find the answer via search but no joy.

I want the Naim NDX and app to use my existing playlists and although it can see the playlists, when I click on the title of the lists to view the tracks the listing is empty. I use a dedicated Windows 10 machine to host my music. The existing playlists are held in a directory called ‘Playlists’ which is a subfolder of my main music folder, thus:

The playlists files are such: ‘Dance, House & Rave.m3u’
The items in the playlist take one of three formats (depending what I made them with), e.g.:

#EXTINF:164,Witch Queen of New Orleans
D:\MyMusic\Music\00_VA\70s Pop Singles\Redbone - Witch Queen of New Orleans.mp3
…\Music\Biosphere - Patashnik [Apollo 1994]\Biosphere - Patashnik - 01 - Phantasm.flac
#EXTINF:-1,Here She Comes Now
…\Music\Cabaret Voltaire - The Extended Play EP [1978]\02 - Here She Comes Now.flac

The NDX can see none of the files in the playlists. Anyone any idea how I can get it to see the files without making the playlists unavailable to my Logitech Media Server or to local players on my computers?


BTW. Has anyone else come from Logitech Squeezebox stuff to the Naim streaming setup and been anything other than severely underwhelmed? All Naim had to do was license/copy it.

What server software are you running on your Windows 10 machine? Normally, you’d just have to tell that where to find your playlists.

Your playlists also need to be in the correct format for the machine they’re playing on - my NAS is based on Linux and therefore needs a particular format.

It’s not the server or the server software that’s the issue here (but now you mention it it’s Logitech Media Player). It’s that NDX and the Naim app cannot use my existing playlists.

Anyway, I’ve figured it out now. .m3u playlists do not work with Windows UPNP. I’ve just converted all my playlists to .wpl format and all is well with my world again.


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