NDX 'discovery' problems

Hi there, I’m fairly new to Naim Audio and this is my first post after joining the new forum. The infection started when I bought an NDX, after becoming bored with the uninvolving sound of my Cyrus streamer, and am now luxuriating in a fully Naim’d system!

In the last month or so, I have added a Zenith server, a Mutec MC 3+ and an NDS - no major problems in reaching this point. I am using iPeng to control the NDS, as well as a Logitech Squeezebox (part of a second system that feeds a pair of speakers in the garden during the Summer months) and a Logitech Radio upstairs. The NDS has a wired ethernet connection via a Cisco switch and the other two by WiFi. They all use the Zenith as a server and this set-up was working perfectly.

This left me with a ‘spare’ NDX, so I replaced the Squeezebox with the NDX - I decided to hard wire it to the router, which is in the same room. This is when my problem started, viz. the NDX will not show up on the iPeng app! I can’t see that there is much I can do to aid the process, apart from restarting various devices… I can operate the NDX using the Naim app, but not having any means to control the volume is impractical when operating it from the garden.

The home network also includes a range extender and the computer is a Mac, connected to the router via WiFi - I have no idea why, but I have never been able to make a wired connection work.

Apologies for such a long post and I hope that someone out there can give me a little insight. I’m asking on this forum rather than Innuos or iPeng, as there is likely to be more folks with detailed knowledge of all the various elements involved.

Cheers, Bob

Check your ipeng is sending broadcast discovery messages out… and then try and disabling IGMP Snooping on your Wifi access point and/or router.

Hi Simon, thank you for taking the time to respond to my post and apologies for my own slow response - I’m blaming the arrival of daughter and youngest granddaughter, together with 41 degree heat!

I have spent a while trying to follow your advice, but have to admit I haven’t got very far… I have failed to work out how to check if iPeng is sending out broadcast discovery messages and I didn’t know what IGMP Snooping was, but I have Googled it since.

So, I’ve made no progress at the iPeng end, but have been looking at the router access point. I have been unable to find out where I can disable IGMP Snooping, but have got some extra information.

The page that shows which devices are connected to the router, shows that the NDX is connected via wire. However, rather than the NDX’s name, it displays the MAC code, without colons. The other devices connected, such as the Zenith and NDS are actually named ‘Zenith’ and ‘NDS’.

You will have gathered by this point, that I have virtually zero expertise on this subject. However, in the advanced settings area, there is a list of ‘valid DHCP leases’, where every connected piece of equipment in the household is listed, apart from the NDX!

I remain at something of a loss and a little frustrated by my own lack of knowledge/understanding…

One thing you could try would be to do a factory reset of your NDX, which you do using the remote control and start from the spanner/wrench key. I could ask all sorts of questions about what might have changed in your network, but such a reset would allow your NDX to start afresh as it were.

I would suggest after doing the reset you should power off your router, NDS, NDX, etc and other equipment and allow the router to fully restart before you turn everything else back on again. But you may find that the factory reset of the NDX will be enough on its own. You will lose playlists, iradio settings and so on when you do the reset of the NDX.

Hi David, thank you. I have considered trying a factory reset of the NDX, but have put it off, as the NDX will be temporarily returning to my main system in a couple of days and I am curious to see if it ‘magically’ becomes discoverable again, just as it was before I replaced it with the NDS. Said NDS turned up with a non-functioning display screen, so has to be returned to the factory!

Interestingly, when I first replaced the NDX with the NDS, I was immediately able to operate the NDS using iPeng, but iPeng kept the name ‘NDX’. I changed the name to ‘NDS’ manually. I have wondered if this behaviour could be a clue towards finding a solution for my problem?

If necessary, I will try the factory reset when I remove the NDS. My plan is to put the NDX back into the main system, see if it works with iPeng and what happens with the device name if it works, and then return the NDX to the second system and see what happens.

Cheers, Bob

Ok. Anyway post here if you need any more ideas. It’s quite odd that it isn’t behaving as one would expect (almost certainly it’s a network issue but a factory reset is a way of ruling out some possibilities).

Apologies to the OP but this is another thread persuading me that streaming is more faff than I wish to deal with.

Well it can be if you third party apps that might not be designed to work with Naim. Using Naim products it’s pretty straightforward… and streaming is pretty ubiquitous for music replay with the younger generations… I guess it’s what you are used to. Many kids would be quite perplexed with CDPs and cuing up a LP these days.

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