NDX display go dark

Mike’s question is the key one. The ARM code is delivered over the ethernet connection from the PC to the NDX so both need to be connected, preferably but not necessarily, by ethernet cable, to the router or a switch connected to the router, so they both have ip addresses.


How much did a new display cost?

I’m afraid that in this instance, I don’t think you will be able to fix this yourself, it is effectively “bricked”.
Sorry to say it’s going to be a back to base job, or a very good dealer who knows what they are doing with the correct equipment.


I would also like to know how much the display pcb was?
My SU Display is beginning to fail.

You can restart a failed update multiple times, but the question is why did it fail the first time? You need good connectivity between the PC and the streamer in the two ways, USB lead and ethernet for the update to work because half is delivered by one means and the other half by the other means. It’s the ethernet connection that failed in the photos above.

@herr8989 did you replace the display yourself or have it done in an authorised manner?

I ask as I understand that there is reprogramming required when the display is replaced as the new displays are different hardware to the old.

If you have done this yourself then I wonder if you have created an unsupported NDX, i.e. a model that doesn’t have the correct hardware and software combination that a standard firmware image would expect and this could be the cause of your issue.

It is around $300

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I went to authorized dealer of naim in Indonesia for replacing the display

If I were you I would try the firmware update process… and unless something catastrophic has gone wrong it should clear.
Ensure your NDX and update server are both connected via Ethernet (not wifi) to the same switch or router . This last part is important.

I’m thinking this is due to networking,
The LAN ethernet port is the problem. I realized because it is blinking orange and green together.
I already checked the LAN cable and the router, all are no problem.

So, i have to go back to the authorized dealer to do the service. If it is bricked, I ask them to resolve.

Already done ask you suggest.
I believe the problem is the LAN ethernet port on the naim. It is blinking green and orange together.

Then to your dealer you must go…

It is connected on the same network. And ndx connected also to my macbook

Love my ndx so much, unlucky for me for the problem.
Hearing music never be the same without ndx.

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Thank you. I recently updated the DAC/Streaming board to 24/192, Spotify, Tidal etc. Did this because I auditioned the NDX2 and decided to keep my beloved NDX which is now even better than before. It´s the first generation and who knows how long the display will hold up…?

My NDX is from 2011,display is like new

My NDX is 2014 & it’s as good as new, probably because I have the display set to be on for 30 seconds.

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Mine too :slight_smile:

The display on my previous NDX was always set to come on for the minimum time but started to fade last year, mine was a 2010 model.

The NDS which has replaced it is a 2012 model and that has just had a new display.

It seems that they only last 7-9 years, I’ve been watching the used stock of one particular dealer and almost every item from Unitiqute through to the separates of these sort of ages has been sent back to the factory for a new display before they have been listed for sale.

Apparently the new displays are a different component, hence the need for a trip to Salisbury as it’s not as straightforward as a swap out. Hopefully the new component will last longer.

My one single gripe about the old streamers is that accessing their IP address over HTTP just gives a static status page. All this screen stuff could have been mitigated by a web config UI as a backup for when the screen is shot.

I was in fact very surprised to see that no rudimentary setup UI was available.

That said, my 2014 NDX is going strong with no dimming.