NDX display go dark

My naim NDX display suddenly go dark, and cannot play anything. Please help…

Sounds like an OLED failure. Naim can supply a replacement display. Best contact your supplying dealer or distributor and take it from there.

…but if the screen fails, as I understand it, the unit should still work via the app.
Is the green Naim logo still lit up?

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately the screen dead affect the connection of the app in my iphone to the ndx.
The phone cannot find the ndx device.

As Chris says, it should still work via the app even without the front display. Maybe there’s a different issue at play here? Can you see the NDX on your network?

Yep - mine went recently before I traded it in - the LED displays seem to have a finite life - but others have said - it doesn’t prevent the NDX playing so if you can’t control via remote or Naim app - something else is happening

The app discovery issue could, of course, be coincidental, but if not, you may need to take it to your dealer.
Have you tried restarting it?
I would also have suggested trying a factory reset, but this might be difficult without use of the screen.

the display screen matter is no more, I replaced the display with the new one.

Now, I face another problem, it is now stuck on firmware upgrade. Anyway to reset it ?

Hi herr8989,

Can you elaborate on this a bit please?
Where did you source the replacement display? Was it the complete display PCB, or just the OLED panel? Also, do you have any idea how old the OLED panel is?
Have you attempted to run any firmware or software updates on the NDX?
Can you give me a step by step run down of what you have done to the machine, with the timeline starting from before your first post please?
And the screen doesn’t appear backwards?


Hello Neil,
Since I live in Indonesia, I go to naim service center in Jakarta to replace the display.
It is complete display PCB
My naim is 2009, I think it is already 10 years old.

After I replace the display, it is working fine for days.

Today, I try to upgrade the firmware. Unlucky for me, the firmware upgrade stuck. I waited so long but no progress. So I have to abort the process. I powered off and on again but the firmware upgrade still stuck. Now the ndx complety cannot be used. I have to ask the technician again.

I assume that you are using the Streamer Updater tool installed on a Windows device to upgrade the firmware?
Does the update complete as far as the tool is concerned, or if it hangs or fails - at which point does it fail?


When running a firmware update you must ensure that your MacBook is plugged into a power supply and it does not go to ‘sleep’ at all.

Hi, My naim ndx stuck on firmware upgrade so I have to abort the process.
After I powered off and on, the screen stuck on firmware upgrade, do not switch off.
So please help to resolve this matter. I love my naim ndx. It is old unit with no Bluetooth.
anyone, please help me…is there anyway to reset it ?


Did you see my reply to your other thread?


Please see my reply on your other thread.
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The update process is not complete, stuck in 0%

Are both the computer and the NDX connected separately to the internet, and the NDX connected to the computer?