NDX Display Reversed

Have an NDX, it was working fine, and has the latest firmware (4.8). All of a sudden, the display is reversed, left to right, and there are noise bars across the screen. Otherwise it works fine from the app. Any ideas what’s up?

My guess is that if you run the update again and/or factory reset the streamer it will correct the fault.

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New display screen required, this includes a new screen module.

Thanks - actually the update was done a long time ago and has worked fine for some months.

I tried factory reset (hard with the display so messed up (see attached!) but curiously when I get to the ‘press Play to continue’ nothing happens.

Maybe I’ll try a fresh update as you suggest.

Thanks - yes I’ll certainly take it along to a dealer if a fresh update doesn’t work. The noise bars, or whatever they are, do suggest something’s properly broken.

Thanks for the fast responses!

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