NDX does not recognise .aif music files

My NDX media player does not see .aif (AIFF) music files I have stored on my network NAS.

Brisbane, Australia

Hi Ken, the NDX can play aiff files. I presume you are running a UPnP server on your network? Can you tell us hew your network is set up, and what server you are using.

AIFF files are one of the standard file formats supported.

But to play them back a UPnP server needs to be installed on one’s NAS…

If asset is your media server you can transcode aiff to wav or to flac

There should be no reason to do that - AIFF and WAV are of the same quality, so there is nothig to be gained. In fact the added computational noise may degrade the sound.

Something else is amiss, if the streamer cannot see the AIFF files.

Ndx doesn`t read Aiff he see only Wav Flac Alac and MP3 so on Asset settings you transcode everything to wav,Ndx will see it as Wav

…oh yes it does!

Of course it does

Is your NDX firmware fully up to date?

Okey if he reads there is no problem to play

Welcome to the Krazy World of Naim Kenn, how is it in Brisbane ?? long time since I stayed there. Might be back next year as we’ve promised ourselves a long’ish world tour to include a few weeks in Oz & NZ.

NDX does read AIFF, no question as I’m now playing an AIFF, I have a test file with tracks in all the PMC formats.
What UPnP server are you using ? & what media server software ?
Where did you get the album from, I’ve had similar trouble with iTunes sourced material in the past

Worth checking, but it would have to be quite an old firmware version to predate aiff support. 3.something, I think.

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Hi, I’m running a NETGEAR ReadyNAS connected by network cable to my NDS. It is full of music mainly in .wav format.

I was getting the message ‘Can’t Play, unsupported file format’ recently for .tif and also .wav files, which may have been after a recent software update.

I have been away since I left my error message on the community forum, and have now returned home. So I shutdown everything including the NDS and NAS, thinking as Roy says in “The IT Crowd”, ‘have you turned the computer off and back on again’?

Low and behold everything is working as it should. My apologies for the delay in getting back, but I have been looking after friends house and dog whilst they have been away.

Best regards,

Errol Kenneth Tews, in a very hot Brisbane, currently nudging 30 degrees C in my lounge room, I have to turn off HiFi till after sun goes down.

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