NDX fault code 61, what is the problem?

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My NDX shown the fault code 61, anyone know what is the meaning of this ?

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It happens, not a lot, but you can expect it on odd occasions. I queried it with Naim & I got a reply that put my mind at rest, I could dig the details out but I’m away at the moment, if you really want it, I can do so. My last 61 was about 2 years ago, prior to that I had others. Switch off, wait a few seconds & power on again.

Had the same on my NDX it happened a couple of times over a three year period Mike is spot on with his reply.

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I had switch off and reboot, but the Fault 61 show up after the “NDX” logo.

Naim app can find the NDX but it cannot play the song from UPnP.

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I just found your post but I tried unplug the LAN cable and power off and on the unit, still shown Fault 61.

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It does not look so good Marco, sorry but a power cycle is all I needed to fix my few code 61 events.
I suggest to try again the power off, this time leave it off for 10 minutes & then power up again. If it does not fix it, sorry but it needs professional investigation, your dealer is the first who should connect Naim & it might possibly have to go back to Naim.

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Hi marcobb0312,

IIRC fault 61 is a comms error between the ARM chip on the digital PCB & the Bridgeco chip on the streaming PCB, so either a ribbon has become dislodged or you have a hardware fault.

If so, it’s usually the streaming module at fault.

If you want to have a look yourself, check carefully the two white ribbons that are between the small PCB on pillars & the PCB below it. (It’s the one where the Wifi aerial connects). Make sure the brown locking bars are securely pushed down & the ribbons are seated fully home.


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Hi Mike-B,

Thanks for your advise, I had sent it back to my dealer to check it, thanks again.


I hope they can fix it for you Marcos.
They will try I am sure the check mentioned by NeilS (above)
I suspect they will also try re-installing the firmware (now v4.7)
Please post what happens

Hi Mike, refer to NeilS replied, I also feel the streaming module at fault because the NDX still can get the IP address and browse the music server when the fault 61 shown.

Anyway, i will update here when I get back the unit, thank you.

Hi All,

The technician reported the problem was fixed after clean the white ribbons few times.

If the fault 61 appear again, it should be the streaming board failure.

I take it back to home and testing, hope the problem does not appear again and let me enjoy the music.


OK, a good possibility, a lost connection.
Lets hope that is the problem


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