NDX Front Panel Buttons - disable?

Good morning

My infant likes to switch sources mid-track. He doesn’t mean to stop the stream but that’s the result.

Is there any way of disabling the front buttons that you know of please?

Many thanks

I don’t believe there is a way to disable the buttons. I suggest you hide them by putting some black card in front of them. If you make a sort of box of it, then you could put it around the front corner and trap the bottom under the foot of the streamer.


Hi Lennardo, there is no way to disable the buttons. I had a similar situation with my grandson, NDX, SN & NAT all have very tempting buttons, worse was the SN volume control that got a twist when it was off, quite a surprise when you do turn it on.
It soon passes once the ‘no’ word is understood.

Great suggestions, thank you

We’re cutting cardboard to size as I type.

There are enough restrictions thanks to the stay at home mandate, so we’re steering away from disciplinary measures just now.

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