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Good morning all,

I need your help to navigate the menu of an NDX without a display.
I want to activate the analog rca outputs (currently, only the digital output is active).

Thanks for your help :+1:t3:


there is no output setting on the Naim app.

I would like something like this

This can be done, but do you know for sure that the ‘Analogue Output’ is set to now; are you really sure if it is ‘Disabled’ because if it isn’t you will not know where you are on the actual output change screen

The output screen settings order is
Phono (RCA)

If it is Disabled … & to find RCA
Settings (wrench)
4 down
2 right
2 down
Set - press centre

If it is the case that you don’t know what output setting its on then
Settings (wrench)
4 down
2 right
Fiddle around until you find RCA, but it might be the case you set both (RCA & DIN)

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It works, thank you very much Mike :+1:t3:

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