NDX not listed as a player in Spotify app

Hello chaps.

I recently sent my NDX to Naim for repair. They flashed the firmware to vs. 6.3.

I have come to use it as a Spotify endpoint but whatever I do my Android Spotify app will not list it as a player any more.

I’ve rebooted everything even and even reinstalled the Spotify app but nothing has made any difference. The NDX screen just reads ‘Ready. Connect Spotify app’

More info:
All other Spotify players are listed
Naim app sees the NDX and will open my Spotify app (but the NDX is still not listed as a Spotify end point).
Phone is Google Pixel 6, Android Vs 13.
Yes. Spotify is enabled in setting (320mhz bit rate)

Any help very appreciated.

The latest firmware for the NDX is version 4.8 so there is something odd going on if your shows as 6.3.

If it really is 6.3 then that is probably a release to fix compatibility with new components (eg a display) fitted during the service, built on top of the anticipated firmware update for legacy streamers that Naim has mentioned is pencilled in for “later this year.”

But I don’t use Spotify so I can’t help with the problem. The OP should probably call Naim support to discuss.


I am reading the firmware version from the NDX listing in the Naim Android app. (I couldn’t figure out how to display it on the NDX itself). I’m currently on my way to a Festival in Cornwall to get rained on so will get in touch with Naim when I get back.

Looks like you’re reading the app version 6.3.
The NDX firmware revision is listed in settings>about as ‘Streamer Version’ and the latest release is 4.8

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Yes - or @Stevesky may be able to advise…?

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