NDX only plays first song in queue (sometimes)

Hello all.

I usually listen to an album at a time on my NDX, streaming from my ripped FLAC files stored on a NAS running Asset. So I usually queue one full album at a time. (Listen, then repeat process.)

The NDX works perfectly 95% of the time - in other words, it plays the queue.

However, every so often, I queue an album and the NDX plays the first song, and then stops. The full album is still showing in the queue but the NDX won’t respond to any song selection commands and just sits there as if it only ever had one song in the queue.

A switch off/on resets it and all is back to normal.

Any ideas why it does this? Is it a known bug in the NDX, the app or Asset? Is there a fix?

It’s not the end of the world (obvs) but it’s simultaneously annoying and intriguing.


I have this problem (and cure) occasionally. No-one has come up with a fix, though. Bit of a pain, isn’t it?

I’d say this happens maybe once every 3 months. The old platform devices all do it AFAIK. My UQ2 and my NDX both do this about 4 times a year each.

Well actually now that I power the UQ2 off at weekends it never gets the chance any more.

My NDS does the same. Annoying, but I live with it.

I had a problem with my NDX several years ago whereby it would stop playing at the end of track 2 I was using an Android device at the time my dealer advise to try an iPad this cured the problem and I have used a iPad ever since much better system than the Android.

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