NDX power supply - worthwhile?

I have an NDX as my main streaming device, and am using the built-in power supply. I have occasionally wondered whether to add a power supply (presumably the only option here is the XPS - is that right?). Does it make much difference, really?
Rest of system is NAC52, NAP500, Ovator S600

XPS or 555PS (standard and DR) are options here (as is the XP5XS). The only one you can’t use is the previous version Olive XPS.

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I believe you can use the XPS, XPS DR and the 555PS.

I was in a similar position to you. I decided to trade in the NDX for a ex-dem NDX2. Power supply can wait.

The power supplies are a big upgrade, and the rest of your system really deserves one. I would regard a bare NDX as a rather weak source for a system like yours.
A DAC upgrade is another alternative, which I preferred, but either way I think your system deserves a source upgrade.


NDX2 has Naim’s latest streaming platform and can stream Qubuz which may be of interest. I took the view that it was likely to last longer.

I don’t think there was a massive change in sound quality. But I didn’t compare side by side.

I will be looking at a power supply upgrade eventually.

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Ah - OK, thanks. So it has to be a triptych case?

An interesting suggestion - I will explore it, thanks.

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OK - thanks. I rather wondered whether the NDX should be upgraded. Presumably (if I can afford it, which is debatable) and NDS would be better still?

Yes, as in the later Classic style case (same as the NDX case)

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After I had traded in my NDX I probably paid around 50% more for my NDX2 than a 2nd hand XPSDR would have cost

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I would go first for an Xpsdr. It’s really a must to have an outboard ps with Naim digital sources.
Then go later for an Ndx2. The Nds really shines with an 555 dr. It will be a bit handicapped with an XPS.


I too would vote for the new architecture and functions…

However, when I got my NDX2, it sounded fine into my 52, and I assumed that it was definitely not as good as my CDS II because streaming was less good than CD. After hearing a high-end Naim system, I realised that was wrong.

A little reading led me to an XPSDR on Bay. Now I would say that streaming is exactly as good as a CD most of the time. Adding the PS makes a big difference, and I am told that adding a 555PS is as far above NDX2/ XPSDR as that is above a naked NDX2 (as @frenchrooster says).

As if that were not enough complication, there is the ND5XS2 (which I have in a different system). It is less good than the NDX2, but adding the nDAC to it (eBay again) raises it to about as good as the NDX2 for less money.

Adding a PS still works if you want to go further (and have room) though it unsurprisingly powers the nDAC - in this configuration, the PS powers the DAC, and that is just as well because the ND5XS2 can’t take external power as far as I can see.


I think I started from a similar point. Once I had made various improvements like fixed connection rather than wifi and a high quality switch they are much closer together.


I have an NDX and added a XPS - everything is a bit ‘beefier’ fuller sound - to me worth it

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Ah - decisions, decisions…

I’m with NickofWimbledon, adding a XPSdr to my NDX2 was music to my ears.

I don’t want to think how good a 555 would sound, that would get me into serious trouble with her that shall be obeyed!


I have a NDX2 / 555 PS running through a 252 / 300DR, as would be expected it sounds very good. But I have a Pro-Ject CD transport / Pro-Ject power supply that I run through the NDX2. I find that I listen to CD’s more than streaming through the NDX2. They both sound very, very good, but the CD transport just sounds better. It replaced an unrepairable CDS3. I’m still in mourning over the loss of that, but the Pro-Ject transport has helped salve my grief.

I can’t give a definitive answer to the OP’s question, but for what it’s worth when I had an ND5XS I was persuaded by the dealer (remotely because of where I live) to buy an XP5XS power supply, he telling me of the big boost in sound quality it would bring. I was bitterly disappointed, as the improvement was marginal and nowhere nearly worth the substantial cost. I sold it and bought a Chord Hugo DAC for less money -and far greater improvement to sound quality. I therefore suggest that if seriously interested you really must try before buying, and further I suggest comparing with spending the money on upgrading the DAC.

In my experience, an XPSdr on the original NDX was a great change. Perhaps not for everyone. It makes the NDX go from sounding like a digital source to a warmer analogue one. Not vinyl. Maybe high end tape like reel-to-reel. Not that degree of resolution but that sort of smoothness.

If forced to choose adding just one box to the NDX, about 80% would choose the nDAC, and 20% the XPSdr.

I thoroughly enjoy the NDX/XPSdr combo.

An NDS/555PS wouldn’t necessarily be better, but it would be lass expensive than an NDX2 with a 555PS, but you would have to use a work-around to get Qobuz.
The NDS sounds excellent, but the NDX2 with the new streaming boards I’m sure sounds just as good if they both had 555PS’s