NDX power supply - worthwhile?

I personally would go for the NDX2 and forget the power supply upgrade. I didn’t find any worthy improvement of an XPS Dr for the NDX2…
Bare it’s awesome and doesn’t get the accreditation it deserves in my opinion.

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I have an NDX2 and thought it was brilliant with its integral power-supply, but I read about the night and day difference an XPS DR can make so, bit the bullet and bought one. My 60 year old ears certainly detected an overall uplift in its performance but as for ‘night and day’, well no. But worth it? Yes, definitely. No regrets.


Ok, just received an XPS Non DR (2003) today serviced this year by Darran at Class A. It is intended for an NDS that I’m looking for also. Now I never intended to plug it into my NDX but the temptation to give it a go was too great. There’s no room on the rack so it’s on a unit to the side at the max extent of the SXPS Burndy.

Anyone interested in my findings? :wink:

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Well, OK, if you want to tell us what it’s like then go ahead :slight_smile:

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Well I was always going to wasn’t I?:grinning:

It’s different. I normally listen with the volume knob just above 9pm. I’ve reduced this to just below 9pm to get the same volume as I had before.

There’s more bass but it’s really tight.

There’s more detail, at all frequencies. Reverb effects seem to be more intense and linger longer in a deeper soundstage.

I can hear fingers sliding along guitar strings more intensely.

Do I prefer it to the bare NDX? Can’t be sure yet. I’m putting the NDS on hold for a couple of weeks to find out and have a good trawl back over some good music while doing it. It has potential but at the moment it doesn’t feel as warm sounding.

Watch this space.

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I think I’m losing some warmth because the Burndy needs destressing. The previous owner had his kit in a totally different orientation so the connector at my NDX end needed a good twist to get in. Other than that the sound is excellent, so much more detail. I need a new shelf for the XPS so I’ll sort the Burndy when I re-jig the rack next week. Pretty confident that is all that’s needed.

Overall I would say yes to adding and XPS to an NDX. If value for money is important then it’s a no brainier. I’d love to hear a bare NDX2 side by side as I am pretty confident the NDX/XPS would give it a good run for the money.

That’s the indication I got when talking to Naim about this very subject. From this I judge that the original NDX is a power supply beind the NDX2. I certainly found it a worthwhile upgrade.

Also, don’t delay that NDS, it really is in a different league, even with an XPS!

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I thought sod it. Fancied having a go at the SNAIC shake even though I hate fiddling with things when I don’t absolutely have to and I could put it off for a week or so. Powered everything down and removed the Burndy. I put a bit of tape on top of the connectors to make it easier to reorient when reaching down the back of the rack.

Did the twist and shake thing, then gave it a dangle and shake then left it on the floor for a bit. Then carefully shaped the bends and got the orientation about right using the tape as a guide. Then did some more gentle shakes and left it on the floor a bit more. Then carefully reconnected it and powered everything up.

Sorted! Warmth has come back. Would you believe it? It’s the first time I’ve had to fettle a Burndy like this and I shouldn’t be surprised at the results. But it is a pleasant one.


We’re hoping that these moves were captured on video, and that the tape will be posted shortly for our edification.

Shaking out a Burndy or Snaic sounds best if done in the nude under a full moon. Has been confirmed by Naim.


If that’s the case, I may elect to pass on the videotape of the event.


That really puts the snaic shaker into perspective

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Nothing to see here. Please move along :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think that a dusky maiden is supposed to be involved somewhere in that process, AIUI.

The SNAIC shaker is the only public viewable device at the factory, Miss Whiplash is about as erotic as common decency allows.
Burndy’s are caressed in a private darkened room that exudes a faint smell of rare exotic oils.


I wouldn’t bother adding an XPS DR to the NDX, the differences are subtle for such a substantial outlay.

Get the 555DR (and later the NDS) or invest the money elsewhere, say better speakers.

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Ideally in the middle of Salisbury Plain

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Facing the Naim factory… :expressionless:

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I am a great believer in the bare NDX but having just tried a recently serviced non DR XPS with it I have to disagree with you. Ok maybe the DR is not as good vfm. It’s not a subtle difference but maybe not to your taste perhaps? I’ve also just purchased and NDS which was the plan when buying the XPS. I’ll be hanging onto the NDX until I’ve completed the one month test. :wink:

This is very interesting. You actually have a chance to compare the NDX to the NDS with the same power supply. Please, do let us know how it compares. I assume it’s the NDX 2?