NDX Quandry

I’ve recently noticed the screen on my NDX is completely blank. Nothing visible at all.
I use Roon as my “source” so rarely need to reference the NDX screen & since the NDX is hidden away in a cabinet I hadn’t noticed any fade.
Since everything is working very well at present its not a major concern but what to do if/when I need access to that screen?
Looking at the current repair costs its £549 (or £929 inc Service)
Considering the NDX is worth about £1000 (in “mint” condition) does it just become a rather expensive paper weight & get replaced by something else?
Any suggestions?

If you ever have to change something that requires the screen, you would have to do it blind. There are some instructions in older threads for some settings (like “down, down, right, up, …”) but IIRC they are quite long and it’s easy to change some other setting inadvertently.

I don’t know the NDX, but with Roon it seems unlikely that you will ever have to. At least if you didn’t set up a static IP, for instance. Not sure if there’s anything else in there

Thanks Suedkiez, I did try to set the IP as static at one point - just my OCD kicking in! - but it wouldn’t stay set for some reason so luckily its still on DHCP. I can’t remember what else is in there that may be an issue. It’s ethernet connected so WIFI passwords aren’t a problem.

Naim used to do a cheaper fix for the screen. Have a word with your dealer. Fingers crossed!

Thanks HH, wasn’t aware of that. Will ask the question

Be glad. One of the great fallacies that somehow took a foothold in audiophile circles. (Well like some other IT stuff that upsets people when I mention it). People shooting themselves in the foot with static IPs were always much more likely than DHCP malfunction, and in any case they were always at best a remedy for situations where such a malfunction actually occurred.

What the others said.

But also, when was it last serviced? I opted to have my UQ1 serviced and screen replaced, despite the fact the total cost was more than I paid for it. Throw it away and what would you have to pay to get the same performance?

There’s also an infamous service cost thread where it was reiterated many times that speaking to your dealer should be the first step, the published costs are guidelines. I think the inference was you’d be unlucky if you got dinged for the almost doubled up cost of a repair and service. But you know what they say about assumptions X)

Certainly no harm in approaching your dealer and asking?

Thanks gthack, appreciate the input. I do have a problem with “your dealer” tbh.
I live a long way from any affiliated Naim dealer. And the ones that are closest are IMHO utterly useless.
I’ll attempt to have a conversation with the more approachable ones.

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How much would it cost to replace with a DAC or streamer of similar or better SQ? Probably c£3k minimum…and even then you may not get the sound you’re after?

FWIW I had the screen on my NDX replaced a few years ago and it cost nearer £250. The unit still sounds awesome (I don’t use an external power supply); better still with the recent addition of the 282.

As I understand it, if the NDX has the 192/24 board then Naim will probably agree to do a screen for about £200. But if it doesn’t then it may not be do-able any more (as the 192/24 board is needed to fit the current type of replacement screen and Naim has no stock of those boards now).

But anyway you have to do this through a dealer.

Yeah, I am sorry, it was a bit of a throwaway phrase, I do appreciate access to good dealers isn’t universal. You’ll have to go through one to get it to Naim - hopefully that will be a good experience if you choose that route. Best of luck with it

My NDX screen is now completely blank too. It faded without even being used but in 2 years after initial set up I have never touched it so fingers crossed…

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