NDX resetting after switch on

I have come across an NDX which has a slight issue.

When switching on via the rear switch the unit is resetting itself for a couple of minutes, then all is working fine once turned on.

Anyone have a clue?

They normally take a couple of minutes to reboot and come to life. If it’s not resetting itself to factory settings then it should be fine. The idea is to leave them switched on 24/7, not forgetting to set the screen to be off to avoid premature failure.

Ok, thanks.

It requires the wifi password entered again when switched on. Something must be off.

Try connecting it with a cable. The first generation streamers, such as your NDX, are somewhat flaky on wifi. Try a wire and see what happens. As I said, it’s really best to leave them switched on, wasteful as that is.

Working fine on a wired connection :slight_smile:

Excellent. I hope a wire is convenient for you.

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