NDX, Roon & rooUPnP

With the help of many of the members on this firm, I managed to get Roon (core on my iMac) working with my NDX (192) via rooUPnP on a Raspberry Pi 4. I also have Asset R7.4 running n my Mac

The system has was disconnected as I have had some building work done, & I have now reconnected everything. At the same time took the opportunity to update rooUPnP to the latest version (1.2.4).

However it now does not pick up my NDX. Roon see’s my TV & AV amp as squeezebox devices via rooUPnP, so I am assuming the bridge is working OK. In addition I can see my NDX as UPnP media device on my network. Please see below: -

I have rebooted everything & checked the settings I am aware of, but cannot seem to find a solution.

I know there are hardware bridges available & I could add a HAT to the PI & connect via cable to NDX, but it would require some reworking of locations, & I would like to see if I can get it working as it was before.

Any insight or help appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Just a quick update on this. If I disconnect the NDX from the wired network & use the WiFi, it appears in the rooUPnP extension & I can play music through the system.

If I then reconnect the wired network (disconnecting the WiFi) it still appears & I can still play music through Roon. However with 24 hours or so, it disappears as an extension.

It is not consistent, but I can only assume it does not like the network switches in the system, although I would have thought it woukd have an immediate effect rather than 12 to 24 hours later!