NDX Settings along with Athem AVM60


Very new to the streaming audio and just received my first piece the Naim NDX. Surprisingly I got it up and running without too many issues but I’m not sure if it is set up for optimum quality of sound. I did go into the settings and made sure the streaming settings were set to the highest setting.

Through some suggestions of Naim users, I went with Qobuz and I’m using Bubble UPnp. I have the NDX connect to my Anthem AVM60 through a din to RCA connector named Blue Dragon made by Moon Audio (came with the unit).

I was told that if I have the Arc (Anthem Room Correction) on that it would bypass the internal DAC of the NDX and use the process DAC.

****strong textyou should connect the NDX xlr or rca out to the Anthem AND make sure ARC is turned off, otherwise the converted analog signal from the NDX will go through adc/dac by the AVM60 meaning you are not really using the NDX dac for digital conversion that should be superior than the Anthem…

I am looking for guidance for the best connection to get me the best quality sound.

1)Are there some important must have settings that I should have in place
2)What do you think about the Blue Dragon cable
3)Can you validate the comment about the ARC must be off in order to use the Naim DAC.
4)Any other suggestions would be appreciated

To answer 3 you would be chaining the 2 dacs; first the ndx does dac to analog, feeds the anthem. Then with anthem arc on, it will go analog to digital again internally. Bypassing anthem arc will bypass any internal dac conversion.

Thanks Robert. I have learned from yourself and others how the room correction works now and it’s frustrating that these tools to improve your sound become useless when dealing with digital media.

I also found out that after owning a Bryston BCD1 for many years that it too has been a victim of the room correction with this same situation. I had a listen last night without the room correction on and it was quite different but I wasn’t able to make a proper assessment as the input levels were very different.

Anyone else have an opinion on the Blue Dragon cable or tips for the best sounds.


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