NDX: Spotify Drop Outs After Fiber Upgrade

I am having unexpected issues with Spotify drop outs only since upgrading my service from DSL to Fiber AND, concurrently, updating the NDX firmware – with tested download performance improved from 40 Mbps max to 400-900 Mbps variable. 40 Mbps DSL worked perfectly.

Local streaming from NAS and iRadio are fine.

My NDX- FM is wired to the network, and drop outs are the same whether running Spotify from my iPhone or from a wired computer, and even when all clients are logged out, leaving the NDX in exclusive control.

Rebooted the NDX, and the whole network, of course.

Going on at least a couple of days now, so maybe we can rule out an issue at Spotify – the world would howl!

What am I missing?

Thanks, all.


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