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I’ve updated my NDX to the latest firmware to try and resolve an ongoing issue with it dropping off wifi every few days.

The update has worked fine, but now the UPNP input can’t see my Synology NAS - a problem it’s never had before.

Every other streaming device in the house - Sonos, TVs, tablets - see it just as before and there’s been no change at the Synology or router end.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

Wifi is not the best with the older platform units, but I expect you know that.

Is your system set for DHCP (router controlled IP address assignment) if not it’s best that it is.

Try a complete system reboot, turn everything off including your control point phone/tablet.
Leave it all off for about 5 minute to be sure your ISP sees that the router is off.
Restart in the following order, making sure each item has completed its start process before starting the next.
Router first
Network switch (if you have one)
Control point.

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Mike - Thanks for your suggestions. It looks like a firmware issue because the Synology media server comes back if I revert to the previous firmware.

The same is true with a router change, every other device off and cable used in place of Wi-Fi. With 4.8 the Synology can’t be seen by the NDX (only by the app, which is using a different port to ‘see’ the Synology). Revert to 4.7 and it’s back.

I’m not fixing addresses and letting DHCP do the work.

Hi again , this a bit weird, I’m on 4.8 and no problems.
As a side thought, what UPnP media server are you using and what version of DMS on the Synology.
The move to DSM7 with Asset UPnP has issues related to Synology permissions. If you have DSM7 and Asset, go to the Asset forum & check out your setup.

Thanks for the advice and link Mike - I was wondering about system folder permissions on the NAS. Strange that 4.7 has no issue where 4.8 does, but I’ve also got an older backup NAS using DSM6 and that is still visible - so the combination of DSM7 and firmware 4.8 holds the answer.

I’m not using Asset or Minim - just Synology’s own Media Server, which has been fine up to this point.

I’ll try 4.8 again and see if system permissions provide a solution.

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Thanks for the heads up. I have updated my Synology NAS to DSM7 but not my NDS to 4.8. All still works fine. For reasons best not gone into I also have an NDS just newly updated to 4.8. So will try this and report back.

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