NDX. System status/Quality?

Doe any one know how Naim gauge wireless ‘quality’? What exactly are they measuring to come up with the figure?

I ask as mine appears to stick mostly at 100% (which seems unlikely when signal can be as low as 50%) and then will dive down as low as 77% for very short periods (everyone else is in bed so it’s not them).


Hi @MC2
On the NDX (green screen model) the Wifi strength is measured based on the Bit Error Rate rather than the physical strength of the RF carrier.

So typically if its wandering around on value, its because something else is transmitting on the same channel and causing interference, or the RF dynamic power management on the router is hunting on best power level to use.

Saying all that I wouldn’t take it too seriously. If it works fine and there are no dropouts then its more a theoretical issue than a real world one.

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Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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Thanks. Perfect reply. I have a complex wireless network due to many external walls inside my house and a few outbuildings.

So I use a number of Wireless Access Points and Powerline Adaptors.

Each WAP used the same SSID for each of the two channels (2.4 and 5 GHz) but I set channels apart so they do not interfere with each other (not too sure this is the best idea though).

Info for you:
Where this Naim device seems unusual is that it lists the SSID of all the WAPS it can see so I get to choose between three wireless networks all with the same name… with no idea which is strongest/nearest.

I did some testing last night though and it appears that it does not matter which I choose, it always uses the WAP closest to me (on channel 11). So that’s good. However, the set up is still confusing.

All other devices I use only list one SSID, never duplicating.

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