NDX to NDX 2 experience

Hello all, hoping you can pre occupy my mind while I wait for my newly ordered NDX 2. I am moving up from the original. Wondering if some of those who have already made the jump would like to share their thoughts, feelings findings.

This might be helpful for some of those who are still thinking of making the jump.

I have also kept my Hugo (mk1) and am considering to continue using it with the new NDX 2 as well. Will listen bare as well before adding (perhaps I will post on that when everything breaks in)

Look forward to the replies.


This is what I wrote back on March 18th after moving from a NDX to the NDX2.

" Yes, the NDX 2 does show an Improvement over the NDX using the same interconnect, SN 2, speaker cables and speakers. From the moment it was turned on it sounded better. During the first week there were a more than a couple of times I was saying “wow” out loud. I also noticed some albums were not sounding as good because the NDX 2 uplifts the detail, exposing more to the listener. There is a lot of times I have read on the Naim Forum “Source First” and moving from a NDX to a NDX 2 the “Source First” statement rang true, an upgrade at the source provided a vast improvement in the music and my listening pleasure."

I am still very happy with the decision months later and very happy with the NDX2 > SN2 > Ovator S400 simple music system that produces wonderful music.

You will be quite happy with your decision!


Thanks. Great to hear you are enjoying the new source.


Back in June, I upgraded my source from an NDX > XPS to an NDX 2 > XPS.

The main reason I upgraded was because the NDX 2 is Roon Ready.

The NDX 2 is “world class”. All round, it handles music with more authority than the NDX.

I am confident you will be very happy with your purchase.


I went from a Nova to a NDX2/SN2 and agree with all of what seakayaker has said.


How do you find Roon? I am curious and wanted to read a bit more about it. I have a fairly extensive NAS based digital audio collection.

have a read of this…

I purchased a lifetime membership to Roon, and I also purchased a Roon Nucleus, so I am a “roonie”.

I love the software, and it suits my listening habits. I enjoy exploring to new music and discovering artists.

scotman1973, if you are happy with the music collected on your NAS, Roon may not be for you.

I suggest you try TIDAL HIFI or Qobuz first. If you enjoy streaming, the next step would be to try Roon.

I hope this helps.

NDX2 with a 555DR here. I think you’ll realy enjoy it. I’m a non-roonie using asset and minim. The NDX2 just gets better and better as time goes on.


Just wanted to thank you all. NDX 2 has just arrived and I will post something shortly in another thread.


Delivered on a Bank Holiday Sunday? You have a great dealer there! :sunglasses:


A fine combination i have found


Does anyone know if you still have a power line plugged into the NDX2 when linking it with XPS DR? At the moment have just put one in the XPS DR then the burndy linked to the NDX2. Didn’t know if the NDX2 needed a powerline plug as well as the burndy cable from the xps dr. Just opened, wanted to make sure I was doing it right… thanks

The NDX 2 can only draw power from one source. Either its own power lead or from an external power supply.

If both its power lead and an external power supply are attached, the NDX 2 will not power on.

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Are there two versions of the NDX out there? On pictures I see different sizes of the display, still both are NDX? When was the NDX with the larger display released?

Display ends below upper and lower button row.

Display ends above upper and lower button row.

There are identical. It’s the difference in the pic.

Yes, IIRC, the display window was increased slightly to standardise the front panel when the NDS was launched.

Bear in mind that the first NDX players were 24/96 but could be upgraded later when the 24/192 board became available and featured in production units.

Ah I see. So NDX 2010-2011 small display. NDX 2012 onwards, larger display. No other changes than larger display and 24/192 support?

Absolutely :+1: and the NDX 2 is the streamer we’ve used the most from the current three Naim models we have :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, and the addition of Bluetooth support.