NDX won't play radio from Zen Mini, but plays ripped cds

Hey hey. My NDX isn’t playing radio now, although fine for Tidal, and as a DAC for my Little Dot cd transport. Don’t know why. It’s connected to a Naim 52/PS/135s into B&W 800 D3s. I have an Innuos Zen Mini (a III I think), and the NDX plays ripped cd music fine from it, but won’t play internet radio.

So I connected the analogue RCA outs on the Zen to an input socket on the 52, and the Innuos radio comes through fine, using of course the DAC inside the Zen mini, not the NDX.

What is the explanation for that? And why has my NDX stopped playing internet radio?
Many thanks, Adrian

Internet radio comes via your router ….
What is it and how is the NDX connected to it.
Also what are you controlling it with, iOS or Android tablet or smart phone and what does that show?

Dear Mike, many thanks. The NDX and the Innuos Zen are both hard wired with cat 7 cabling to the Netgear switch, internet coming via Virgin fibreoptic highest speed cable. I’m controlling the NDX with the Naim app.

Can’t figure out why Tidal is fine most of the time on the NDX, yet no internet radio on the Naim. Internet radio fine on the Innuos Zen. And the NDX can “see” the Zen as a UPnP device, and control ripped cds fine, but the Naim app on my iPhone shows no radio on the Zen, yet the Innuos app shows the radio and works fine when I use the Zen as a direct source for my 52 preamp.

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Hi Adrian, Naim iRadio on the Naim app is designed to provide internet radio in a Naim system.
Suggest you use that and forget the added complexities of Zen.

Dear Mike, many thanks. I believe it is an NDX problem - my NDX is not pulling in any internet radio stations, although Tidal works fine. I only went to the Zen for iRadio. Enjoying comparing Radio 3 streamed versus FM on a Meridian 104!

How do I reboot the NDX? Screen not working now.

Many thanks,


I’m not sure a reset will fix this, plus without a front screen & a maybe/possible iRadio defect, hmm, maybe time to have your dealer send it to Naim HQ.
One question tho’, does your Naim app show the “iRadio” icon as you can see on my previous post photo.

It’s a plain screen, as above.

Too scared to reset - couldn’t insert the wifi password without a screen.

There is somethong wrong and I suspect its in the NDX.
My NDX only shows the “iRadio Staions” screen that shows on your picture during the the very short transition between the x2 screens that I show in my previous post pictures, it does not get stuck on that screen.

An NDX reset might help, but how to do that without a front screen.
I suppose you have already, but try a power cycle on the NDX, and while you’re at it a complete power cycle on the whole system never goes amiss.
Turn it all off, then wait at least 5 minutes so you’re ISP logs its off.
Power on the router first and let it finish its whole restart cycle, then the switch, then one at a time the NDX and the rest of the sysytem.

If its still the same after that, you need to talk to dealer to get the NDX shipped to Naim for a new screen.

Dear Mike,

Many thanks. Will do a complete power down later.



It is possible to do a factory reset without a screen (but you really can’t put WiFi credentials back in without a screen). So probably best not do a factory reset.

Regarding the screen, providing your NDX has the 192/24 board in it, then Naim can fit a new screen for under £200. But if it doesn’t have the 192/24 board then they can’t fit a new screen at all as the original screens are not available now and the new screen needs the processor in the 192/24 board to make it compatible. There used to be a 192/24 modification that name could do, but they are out of stock of the boards and cannot any longer procure key components.

In the case where Naim can’t fit a new screen, you could try to use a grey market screen (they are available on eBay). Changing the screen yourself is apparently very tricky, but doable if you have steady hands, good eyesight and suitable soldering skills. Or know someone who has these things. Or you could sell the NDX on for parts. We arent allowed to discuss self-repair here, although Richard does cut us some slack in cases where Naim cannot make a repair themselves.

The other thing to mention is that BBC iradio settings all changed recently and providing you have the latest firmware (4.8) then you can delete the existing BBC favourites and find them again by navigating through the menu of stations in the app.

Finally the way to tell whether you have the 192/24 board without the front panel screen is to see whether the app offers you the chance to select Spotify and Tidal as inputs (or indeed if you know that one of these has worked via the Naim app at some time or other.)

Dear David, success!! Thank you so much. My NDX is 4.8 up to date, and the app has Spotify/Tidal which work. So I deleted the radio presets and Lo, up came the internet radio channels!

Top man. Now I can have fun comparing radio from NDX versus Innuos versus FM on my NAT02 or Meridian 104.

Hurrah for the Naim Forum! So helpful.

Many thanks again to you and Mike,

V best,


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