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I’ve just upgraded to a NDX2 from a Unitiserve-SSD / n-DAC and really pleased with it straight from the box. I have two questions though:
The Uniti created two rips of different quality which was fine as I could tell it which folder to look at for replay. The NDX2 however sees both AAC version and full rip and doesn’t appear to differentiate. Any ideas on how to select the folders it views or how to re-scan if I ‘unshare’ the AAC folder?
Second question - how do I pair B&W P5’s to the NDX2 as the Bluetooth is looking like it might be a Bluetooth device input not output?

You would need a Bluetooth transmitter hooked up to the streamer to use BT headphones, as Naim players only have a BT input.
As for why it sees both versions of your library, I’m not sure, as I never bothered with the LQ copies myself. Are they AAC? Last time I looked the US would create MP3 copies, not that it matters.

If you unshare the LQ folder (or only share the MQ folder), the NDX2 should automatically rescan.

Thanks for the reply ChrisSU - think the Bluetooth point is really shortsighted of Naim - I cant be the only person looking to use BT headphones - there was no mention of this in any advertising blurb / review so just took it as read I’d be able to listen via BT headphones as they make play of BT connectivity.

I have tried unsharing the lower quality rips but didn’t appear to re-scan. I might just take them off the NAS.

Thanks David,
I’ve done that but doesn’t appear to have triggered a re-scan. The Uniti had the n-serve software which enabled you to force a re-scan but the NDX2 doesn’t use that apparently.

Why would you want to feed your wireless headphones from the NDX2? Just use your phone — the NDX2 wouldn’t do any better job. The DAC in your headphones does the work, no Naim PRAT with wireless headphones in any case…

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If you force stop the Naim app and then restart it, that may help?

I’m not sufficiently familiar with the NDX2 to help any more though…


Thanks NTD.
I was assuming the NDX2 would do a better job than my iPhone 7… Also the interface between my iPhone and WD NAS isn’t exactly intuitive.

Interface can indeed be an issue – often underappreciatd here… Sennheiser has a reasonable app, and I use Qobuz on the go. Doesn’t B&W offer an app for their wireless cans?

NTD - B&W do indeed do an app (which I had no idea about before so thanks) but it is only for their P9 and PX models apparently. Might still give it a go.

I still have my original problem that I can’t tell what the NDX2 is looking at for music files 0 I’ve still got lots of missing albums and quite a lot of albums that don’t play. Naim need to make this more intuitive.

I would check the art is a jpeg, check the file with MP3tag and see if it is embedded and or put a copy in the floder no larger than 600x600. Check the format of the ones that do not play on a computer, will they play on a computer? What srever or NAS are you using and what player are you using Asset, Minim or other?

Peter - thanks for the reply. I guess my main point is under the Unitiserve regime I had a Music Store that held rips and a Music Share for albums bought online eg hi-res from Qobuz etc. The Music Store then held different quality rips so the fine structure was Music Store / MQ or LQ / Artist / Album / Track. All the metadata was held there and you told the US where to look. The NDX2 however just appears to search for anything on the NAS itself. If I search on the app via Folder, that’s the closest to ‘normal’ operation but lusts the tracks in alphabetical order and plays on track, not an album and not in order. If I search by artist or artist/album I get chaos; the latter effectively goes artist then all the tracks by that artist in alphabetical order…several times. Screenshot from searching by Artist (Coldplay)

or this one from Antonio Forcione…
The NAS is a Western Digital EX4100 with 4x3TB WD Red Drives.

You need to sort out the UPnP server that is running on your NAS, as that it what is presenting your music files to the NDX2, which will just be displaying the information that it is given. WD are not widely used as music servers, the tried and tested options being Synology and QNAP, running either Minimserver or Asset, but you should see if you can change the settings on your server to get it to present the metadata in a way that suits you.
What format is the music in the MQ folder? I’m presuming that you transferred this and the LQ folder from the US to the WD NAS? If you transferred them as WAVs, this is likely to cause problems as non-Naim devices usually cannot read the metadata, so you are stuck with a relatively limited folder view.

The LQ and MQ folders were both within the NaimMusicStore which is where the US placed rips. The MQ was ripped as WAV files and LQ as MP3 or AAC - cant remember. The high res stuff then sat in a DownloadMusic folder. Both sat at top level as ‘shares’ within the NAS. I had by the end moved everything out of the MQ folder and into the DownloadMusic folder. I unshared the Store but to no avail. Naim came back to me and I have to say were pretty underwhelming in their response as they just confirmed the NDX2 would look at everything on the NAS which stores all sorts by definition - its a NAS after all; back-ups for all the family / music of a quality I can access from outside the home etc. My solution has been to copy the music files I want the NDX2 to look at onto an external hard drive and connect that locally (rather than on a NAS). It works. Not elegant but it works.

The NDX2 does not play any role in this context. What you see in the control app (screenshots) depends only on the UPnP server, not on the NDX2. As already suggested, use Minimserver (https://minimserver.com/) or Asset as a UPnP server. You might also need to invest some time in taking care of the metadata associated with your music collection. The UnitiServe keeps the metadata of the files stored in the music folder in a proprietary database. This database can only be read by Naim UPnP servers. This makes it difficult for users to migrate their collections to more advanced UPnP servers like Asset or MinimServer.

I take it you transferred the contents of the US MQ folder to the NAS as WAVs? To allow a non-Naim server to read the metadata, you should have converted it to FLAC. If your dealer was on the ball, he should have known this. Do you still have the Unitiserve?

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Not quite. I had a US-SSD not a US, so all music files were stored on the NAS direct from the US-SSD initial rip. This is why I have been slightly irritated by the response from Naim who just say that configuration is a throwback to the server and appear to think I should have a dedicated NAS to store music - which defeats the object of a NAS as far as I’m concerned. Worked fine before is all I’m saying.

If the rips were done on the Unitiserve, they will still store metadata in Naim’s proprietary way which most other servers cannot use. This problem is solved by converting from WAV to FLAC on the Unitiserve, which is why I asked if you still had it. If your dealer knew his stuff, he should have known this: it’s certainly common knowledge on this forum.

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