NDX2/282 v 272/XPS


Does anyone have experience of this comparison (in the title) I’m trying to gauge if the 272 is lifted enough by the XPS DR to warrant not bothering with the NDX2/282 ‘upgrade’


Let me be the first😀

  1. Listen for yourself and let your ears decide
  2. NDX/282 is far superior. I chose that.
  3. 272/XPSDR is just as good as BDX/XPSDR. I chose that.

Good luck.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In my opinion a NDX/SN2 is a richer musical experience than a 272/250, and it must follow that a 282 would be a further step up but all that is just an opinion.

You have to listen for yourself.



I presume you have 272/250 now, in which case an XPS would certainly be a worthwhile improvement, but after spending quite a bit of time listening at my dealers, I chose NDX/282/200 in preference. That was a while ago, so not with NDX2.

Yes, I have 272/250DR. I have funds to add XPS DR or go NDX/282 route. I’ve borrowed the xpsdr and it helps quite a bit. I guess I should stop hankering after u/g and settle for that.

The main reason I’m thinking of changing is that I want to get rid of my Rega RP10 which I prefer less than my CD transport

Adding the XPS DR makes sense. Then if you want a NDX2/282 later on, you have the XPS for the NDX set up.


I have a 272/250 DR and a few months ago added a XPS DR, I found the difference quite noticeable. The bass and detail was what I’d been chasing since my first purchase of a Olive 102/200 in 1994.

The upgrade path is a tricky road. Think the best option is, if possible, to audition at home and choose the option you like best.

@Mike_S you’ve been laying low recently :grin:

Ah, this is why we can’t get them in New Zealand!

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Yes I’ve bought all of them :grin:

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I got booted from the Boris and Roon threads, or they were closed down, not sure which. So I’m trying to behave.

They closed all the political threads, people just can’t be trusted. :scream:

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The Roon thread was a joke, I got asked a question and when I didn’t bite he removed his question.

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That’s good news, I missed that. I think it’s best to keep the forum a happy place. There’s always Facebook for drama.

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Settled for a new XPS DR…


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