NDX2/555PS match the New Classic range

More than 15 years I do play Naim. After SUPERNAIT 1 and 2 it’s now SUPERNAIT 3, all with HiCap. The CDX was replaced fort the HDX, followed by the NDX2/555PS in combination with the Naim Core, all in a Naim Frame, with carefully chosen cables, in a 5 x 10 m room.

My Allaes moved to the bedroom, the Ovator’s 400 were the next star in 2011.

After several listening events with the New Classic 200 and 300 combinations I became very enthousiastic about their high sound quality. But they cost a serious amount of money.

My NDX2/555PS generates still a high level signal.

So what’s a good choice for me in the New Classic range considering price and sound quality.

Untill now I do think the preamp NAC 332 with the amp NAP 250 is the best choice together with the NDX2/555PS.

I did not have the chance yet to hear the difference when you add a NPX 300. All the Naim people tell me the power supply NPX 300 adds a lot (as ususal with Naim), but that takes again € 7000.

Do you have additive arguments for the right choices in my system? Thank you.

I am curious to hear the answers to this. I also have an SN3, NDX2 and power supplies and question whether to trade all in for 3 box 200 series or keep my NDX2 and XPS and get a 332 and 250NC. The latter combination would cost me £4000 more.

Interesting question, but perhaps NC is not the only option.
With Ovator S400s, I added NSC222 + NC250 earlier this year (from a Nova).
A great combo, but while units are really only available new, a not inconsiderable full price.

Think there are two clear options, one OC, the other NC with variations.
Sourcing a late build NAC252 + Supercap DR + NAP250DR combo, would be a very significant saving and may be better vfm, at this stage. It would provide a good few years of great sound and then wider options will become available when ex dem units are offered.

If you intend to stretch your budgets, then with S400s, the NC are worth full consideration.
NAC332 / NC250 and of course as you mention, with NPX300 for NAC332.
Adding the PS to the NAC, opens a second idea, for similar cost, being 332/350.
That combo wouldn’t require a PS, would fully defer any upgrade aspirations and if you chose later, you could indeed add the NPX. It depends on your end point.
Which of the NAP options you prefer, you will doubtless need to have an extended demo.
I have heard all these combinations, although in a demo and not with speakers I know well.
Personally I’d be tempted towards NAP350 first rather than NPX, if you are keeping your existing source, given you have the 555PS.

@RexManning recently went for 332/350 with Nd5xs2/ Ndac into Ovator 400.
He seems very pleased.

If you want to go NC the easiest less expensive path is to get a 222/250 and use your 555 with the 222. It’ll be a big jump up in SQ and you can sell the rest. From there you could upgrade to 333/332, etc.

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There’s a Youtube video of Jason Gould covering some of this that I happened on this morning, you might look it up. To loosely quote…

“The NAC332 with internal ps is slightly ahead of a 282 with two Hicaps, add the NPX300 and it moves ahead of a 252.”

Step one would be to use a 332 with the supernait power amp section, Naim have a cable to allow this but it’s a separate purchase. Step two would be the latest 250 and step three, if so inclined, would be the NPX300.

Comments from elsewhere (Steve Sells I think) have all the New Classics slotting in below the 500 series, something I was pleased to read having already climbed that ladder.

That’s exactly what mrs Manning said after this purchase :sunglasses:

Anyway, not precisely my friend, I am running a nd5xs2 solo, no nDac, for the digital source. Sound reminds me of a trial I did with an ndx (1) on my former set. Good enough, actually surprisingly very good, for me at the moment as I sit down more often playing vinyl anyway.


Enjoy! And rediscover your albums. Not tempted by an Ndac, they come at around 1k? No urgency of course. Or maybe a 333 next year.

But your turntable is at the level. Maybe it’s enough like that.


Nope, not tempted at all. Very happy where I am right now, the simple bare nd5xs2 is punching above it’s weight in this system and indeed, a digital upgrade somewhere in the future, but not to more boxes.


My policy is an other because I’m over 70 years of age.
So either I keep my chain with only changing the speakers or I do buy a huge system improvement.

Note. Every time I here teh New Classic series the temptation to move from Supenait 3/HiCap (with NDX2/PS555) to NAC 332 + NAP 250 + NPX300 (keeping NDX2/PS555) is growing and growing…

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