NDX2 & 555PSDR without rack

Hi, I‘m new here but I enjoy my NDX2 already for a while. Last week I got the chance to buy a s/h CD555 PS DR.
Now I have a question: because I use a lowboard instead of a rack, space is limited. So my only possibility is to stand the NDX2 directly on the 555PS. Does this affect the sound quality very much?
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Hi, it’s really a good idea to put some space between the two boxes. Can you put them side by side? If not, some sort if stand to raise the streamer above the 555 would help.

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Hi and welcome,

Yes. Further you risk marking the top of your 555PSU.

Quadraspire is your friend amongst others.



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Hi Sasha, I recently added a second hand 555PS to my NDX2 and it is a fantastic upgrade, beyond my expectations,

Sitting the units on top of each other would be far from ideal, not least because the power supply contains a huge magnet which could interfere with the NDX2. If you really have on other option I would try to add some spaces, or isolation feet between the two units to maximise the physical separation.

Good luck

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It’s not what one would recommend but it will still sound good, though not as good as it could. Maybe you can temporarily put them side by side and compare for yourself. (A lowboard sounds like it may have some space for side by side?)

Put paper under the NDX2 feet so that they don’t mark the 555. Maybe you want to try with some isolation platforms that may also put a bit more space between them.

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Hello and welcome to the Forum.

As noted above by others, it’s a really bad idea to stack any Naim components - they are not designed to be used this way, meaning you risk damage to both units AND a performance hit.

Until you can get racking or at least some form of separation - eg side by side - I would not use the 555PS.


For side by side the Board is about 1cm to short, so it‘s an optical issue and the separates would only have 1-2cm to each other and to integrated.
I now put some cork scaler under the NDX feet. Maybe some isolation feet are a good idea.
But what is the technical point why it is recommended not to stack them and what is the loss in sq?

The large transformer in the PS will impact on the sensitive components in the main unit. You really need to keep them apart.

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Ok, now they‘re side by side, with only 2,5cm distance but maybe it‘s the better way. Thank you a lot.

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Definitely better. The transformer’s field is mostly vertical


I’d also put the 555PS to the right of the two. This will help get the transformer further away from sensitive electronics.

Make sure you have the PS to the right of the main box.

I did it this way because the boxes are at the right side of the Osiris and wallplug is also very right. So now it’s Osiris, NDX2, PS from middle to right. The left side is for the LP12 :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Did no a/b with a special song but seems to sound better now, more black/ background silence, more expression.

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Here’s a more complex teaser for resident stacking gurus:

NDS / XPSDR / 252 / SCAP / 250DR

5 x rack levels (Simrak), configured as 2 separate stacks.
But 250DR has to stay on the left due to speaker cable length.

Would you prefer a)


or b)


I’d guess any difference would be marginal, but hey, in for a penny…


The second option would be my preference to start with, especially if you can leave a small distance between the racks.

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I’d do the second, but with the 250 above the XPS.

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Thanks Stuart & HH.

Option b) makes more sense to me too – including space between racks.

More separation between the two Burndys?

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It puts the box doing music a little higher.


B but as @anon4489532 suggests one shelf up.

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