NDX2 - add external power source?

Good Day,
New to this Forum, enjoying some of the topics. I was looking for some info on adding an external power supply to my NDX2. I see there are some third party options - Teddy, etc… Do any of you have experience here? Using a Naim XS2 integrated.

Unfortunately you cannot discus the Teddy here, as it breaks Forum rules as I understand it. XPS’s are available though, and will physically match the NDX2, and are not too expensive if you look for pre-loved.


You have 3 options;
Xps dr
555 ps
The xps is probably enough. Though I use mine without and perfectly happy.
With the xs2 personally I’d think about upping the amp next to a supernait.


Xps was a noticeable improvement but not transformative.
555PS was remarkable.

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Thank you for the protocol rule. My apologies. Love my Naim gear.

There are other websites of course…

For this one, suffice it to say that we put an XPSDR on my NDX2 and found it a big step. However, that was played through 52/Supercap/300DR.

When we tried it through 82/Hicap/250, we all thought it better, but not dramatically better enough that I would pay the new XPSDR price for the uplift if that were my usual amplification.

Others with a Supernait 3 have commented that it’s a fine line whether to get the XPSDR on the SN3 unless you already have a Hicap on the SN3.


Just saw this

I have


I can assure you even the XPS2 (non DR) is a very worthwhile SQ upgrade to the NDX2

It’s a great 4 box system


Thanks @Bevo

If you had NDX2+SN3, would you rate the XPS or Hicap as a bigger SQ upgrade?

I went HiCapDR on SN3 first, followed by XPS DR on NDX 2 and that’s how it’s stayed ever since. It’s a phenomenal system by any standards. I’ve never had the heart to pull mine apart and faff around, through fear of losing any aloof magic that may have instilled itself through careful set-up & connection practices learned from past set-ups. :grimacing:


I went from NDX2 to a 3rd party PS (TP)
Didn’t sit well not having a Naim PS so sold it and bought an XPS DR… It was a noticeable difference, but then thought sod it… bought a 555PS (got a great deal PXing the XPS) and my life the difference was incredible…
Still to this day the best uplift I’ve heard after upgrading.
and I’ve upgraded quite a bit.


Source first for me Nick


I’ve had the XPS2 classic for about 6 years ( dealers ex demo)

Previously running it with CD5XS with nDAC and SN3 then added the hicapdr

The XPS really gives a significant lift


Spot on Stephen

Amazing 4 box system I’m loath to muck around with it likewise - does it for me :+1:


And so the 555PS should give a huge uplift considering the price difference to XPSDR

Funny how people forget to say that

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I know it’s very expensive… And I’m far from loaded… But, I’ve bought all my gear second hand and shopped about. Because Naim equipment rarely goes wrong… there are some real bargains out there compared to the rrp price… just looked on a well known auction site and there’s a few 555ps’s that are a 1000 pound cheaper than a new XPs dr… no brainer imho


Exactly what I’ve done. Though I didn’t remove the HCDR to test NDX2 vs NDX2 + XPS-DR, I found adding the XPS-DR to be a very solid uplift.

It’s not transformative as others have noted, but I found it to be a collection of multiple subtle improvements that added up to a very nice and pleasing uplift. But to get that kind of equal-or-better kind of uplift via any other upgrade would require at least as much $$$ spent (maybe speaker cables? I dunno).

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Yes those damn Naim power supplies ( which one doesn’t really matter) do it every time

No wonder it’s difficult to downsize :crazy_face::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Personally, I would skip the XPSDR and save for 555PS/555PSDR

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Ha ha wouldn’t we all :flushed::flushed::grinning::grinning:


You need two of them of course for the ND555 you also need.


Horses for courses, i’m happy where i am, especially with the n-SAT/nSUB speaker system, i don’t yearn for a 555 supply at all. If i were to upgrade now i’d want something really significant, like maybe a new 300 Series system (fully loaded), but that’s for maybe anther time, plus i have other things i’d like to currently spend my money on. It’s all good fun. Enjoy!:wink: