NDX2 - add external power source?

Good Day,
New to this Forum, enjoying some of the topics. I was looking for some info on adding an external power supply to my NDX2. I see there are some third party options - Teddy, etc… Do any of you have experience here? Using a Naim XS2 integrated.

Unfortunately you cannot discus the Teddy here, as it breaks Forum rules as I understand it. XPS’s are available though, and will physically match the NDX2, and are not too expensive if you look for pre-loved.


You have 3 options;
Xps dr
555 ps
The xps is probably enough. Though I use mine without and perfectly happy.
With the xs2 personally I’d think about upping the amp next to a supernait.


Xps was a noticeable improvement but not transformative.
555PS was remarkable.

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Thank you for the protocol rule. My apologies. Love my Naim gear.

There are other websites of course…

For this one, suffice it to say that we put an XPSDR on my NDX2 and found it a big step. However, that was played through 52/Supercap/300DR.

When we tried it through 82/Hicap/250, we all thought it better, but not dramatically better enough that I would pay the new XPSDR price for the uplift if that were my usual amplification.

Others with a Supernait 3 have commented that it’s a fine line whether to get the XPSDR on the SN3 unless you already have a Hicap on the SN3.

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