NDX2 AirPlay

AirPlay is turned on and the NDX2 and is listed on my iMac as output device but it can’t connect.

Needs WiFi to be enabled on the NDX2 for AirPlay? If so, is it possible to turn WiFi on and still stream via ethernet? Because the naim App says to setup WiFi, ethernet needs to be unplugged.

Thank you for any hint on enabling streaming from the iMac to the NDX2 via AirPlay.

I have an NDX2 connected via ethernet. It does not require Wifi to be able to use Airplay.
Naim have said that some routers are not fully compliant with Airplay and may not work.
Mine works perfectly, although I rarely if ever use it as I have all my music on a NAS drive, otherwise I tend to use Tidal.

It’s strange, it works fine from my iPhone but my iMac can’t connect.

I just tried connecting my MacBookPro and it works fine too.
I’m using a commercial grade MicroTik router.

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