NDX2 album artwork screen freeze

My NDX2 album artwork/now playing display has locked on one particular album. The Now Playing display shows a track from that album but the time display is not running. I can select my Home screen without problem but if I select Radio or any other input the album artwork/now playing display will still display this same album (‘Beethoven Piano Sonatas’ if you’re interested).
The app displays the correct information. I have resolved the problem by unplugging the unit from the mains and re-plugging. Has anyone else had this issue and, if so, do you have a less drastic solution?

Are you running latest firmware?

If it happens again please contact Naim support giving as much detail as possible. They will want to know. Note though that they are now closed until the beginning of January.

Hi Richard,
Yes 3.3.1 (4306)

Hi @Aoxomoxoa, I had the same problem on my NDX2 - a Feb 2019 manufacture. The issue only happened periodically, perhaps one in every 50 albums. Powering down and then back up seemed to be the only way to get rid of the “locked” album artwork on the NDX2 screen. Thankfully the latest softwear update seems to have fixed the problem for me. Hope you can get it sorted.


Thanks for your help. Happily it’s on demo from my dealer, although I have ordered one for the new year.

I have the same problem since the latest update. i did it yesterday. Nothing on the screen.

Do you mean nothing at all? That sounds like a different issue. Mine would show a frozen album art screen and I could get around this by re-starting the unit. Is yours completely blank? Does it play OK through the Naim app?

Hi Pierre, yes, it looks like you have a different problem to me also. I could see artwork on the screen but it just would not change when a new album was played. The last software release solved this issue.
If rebooting doesn’t solve the blank screen problem then I would speak to your dealer.
Just a thought, is the screen turned off in the Naim app?

After tree restart, everything return to normal

Glad it’s OK. It may happen again sometime but at least you have the temporary fix.

Oh again this morning. No art work on the screen. I must restart my NDX. It seems to be a real bug. And now, a shut down with no sound !!! Thank you Aoxomoxoa. I send this to the Naim support . But no answer from them.

Thanks Manlad. I have the same problem this morning. No artwork and sound shut down. I must restart my NDX 2 everyday.

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