NDX2 and Euphony Summus Music Server

Good Friday everyone. I am considering to get a ROON core to go with my NDX2 and I am currently exploring the various options. I came across the Euphony Summus Music Server and wonder whether anyone has any experience with this server in combination with a NAIM streamer. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Nice weekend to all. Best, Pieter

If you’re going to get a device to run as the Roon Core then this is all you need with the NDX2.

Unless I’m mistaken, the Summus main selling point is music playback duties to a USB connected DAC ?

Why that more than similar cost Roon Nucleus plus ?

Thanks James, yes the Summus is made for music connecting to the NDX2 via USB DAC. I am wondering whether it is a good option, how it compares to the Nucleus + etc… Right now I am using my MacBook air as a Core and thus I always need to fire up my laptop to listen using ROON. I would prefer a dedicated computer tthat is fast and always on…

The NDX2 is not a usb DAC… or am I misunderstanding your intent?

Yes the Summus is not needed for your NDX2. Just a replacement for your mac to run the Roon core. Plenty of options available.

indeed looking for a core that can be on full time, is fast, runs without hicups, does not consume too much energy, and that does maintain the great sound quality I am getting now. does the type of core have any impact on the sound quality?

You need to read this


If you are using a Roon Ready endpoint like an NDX2*, none whatsoever…

If you hang a usb DAC that might be susceptible to electrical noise coupled through the usb on to the core, maybe…

I think your obvious choice would be a Roon Nucleus.

*unless you manage to plug an electrically noisy core computer into the same mains block as your hifi…

Edit - if you haven’t already, read the Roon knowledge base section about system architecture and sound quality.

Good point — I am also concerned about energy consumption. I feel a bit a bad about the electricity my hifi consumes 24/7: amp, dac, streamer, NAS (with Roon core)… And soon a second system for the family room…

In Year 2, our son came one back from school one day, and explained that the coral reefs were dying because we consumed too much energy…

What’s the greenest way to run a Roon Core? Has anybody compared power consumption of various devices?

[Yes, our energy supplier uses 100% renewable, but it doesn’t make electricity hungry hifi any better — just helps with middle class guilt…]

My Nucleus draws 10w according to the spec sheet. All the music is on an internal drive so no external NAS consuming power needed.

Is it ? I think they spec the requirements to make sure there is enough horsepower to run a full library and a number of clients (Including DSP) simultaneously with no performance issues to the various clients. I expect most of us don’t really stretch it.

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Compared to what? It’s not perfect, but I’m not aware of anything with comparable functionality that would demand much less. And in any case, the i3 NUC used in a Nucleus is hardly power hungry.

Productive contribution, mate — well done, take one of the cookies…

Just get a NAS. Synology worked great for me. It will turn itself on / off when not required. For me it was the easiest way to run a roon core. Just added a 64gb SSD external drive to do the Roon stuff. Simple.
Did a load of DSP, and never ran out of puff, and I did try to break it! I was however only running one endpoint and actually turned the DSP off, as I didn’t need it.

Unless you need a NAS for something else too, I’d suggest it’s not the best option… to run Roon well it would need to use a more powerful processor, and is likely bigger, louder, more complex, and more expensive than simpler alternatives.

Pick your compromise…

Thanks everyone for the suggestions and reflections! So it seems no one has really tried the Summus or the Euphony software. There is also the Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter. The i3 version sells for around USD 900 (internal storage can be added at cost). Welcome feedback from anyone using these ROON core servers…

I think the bottom line is that in your use case - a network attached Roon Ready streamer - none of these ‘value added’ boxes is going to do anything that (say) a NUC running Roon won’t. Unless I’m misunderstanding your intent.

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As others have said, if you just want a Roon core then there are a number of options available. As long as it meets Roon requirements for processor speed and memory then it’s not going to make any difference what version you go for as far as SQ goes. If you’re going to put it next to the Hi-Fi then other considerations (passive cooling, nice looking case, linear PS option etc) can come into play.

You can use the Summus as a Roon core but it has a number of enhancements which are superfluous to its requirements when just used in this role. If you were to use it as a source for a USB attached DAC then it would make more sense. The Euphony software again is not needed for Roon, it’s used for low noise, low processing playback via USB.

Get a fanless low TDP NuC from Roons recommend models that can run ROCK. You can build it yourself for little money or buy a prebuilt one up to the job. You won’t need more than an i3 if your not running many zones and DSP. These are pretty efficient low power consumption and heat generating systems generally as they use laptop processors as opposed to full desktop CPUs. How any one on this forum can say Roon is power inefficient when you have a power hungry hifi with more components than really is necessary is a bit a rich considering most of likely leave the powered on all the time.