NDX2 & Atom (re)connection issues

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First of all my apologies if the answer to this lies elsewhere in this forum. I did find posts on similar issues but nothing that quite matched our situation.

This week we changed ISP which necessitated a change of router (as the old one was ADSL-only). Our new router is in the same location as the old, a small room at the front of the house. We have an NDX2 in the adjacent (living) room, literally just the other side of a stud wall from the router, and an Atom upstairs in a back bedroom.

Both players connected fine via wifi to my old router which was a Draytek. Aside from the odd issue centring around FW updates, wifi connection has always been rock-solid. Our new router is an ISP-supplied Fritzbox 7530, and since installing it the Naim app has been unable to find either player on the network, neither do they show up as either connected or idle devices on the Fritzbox’s web interface.

Based on what I’ve read elsewhere in the forum I’ve tried the following without success:

Disconnecting both players from the mains for an hour or so (and consuming cups of tea)
Deleting and reinstalling the Naim app

Just now I moved the Atom to within a few inches of the router and the app still didn’t see it over wifi. I then connected the Atom via ethernet and finally app and Atom were reunited!

Whilst I know that wifi connectivity isn’t a strength of these players I would have thought that a distance of 6 or 8 inches wouldn’t be insurmountable, which leads me to think that the problem isn’t necessarily related to signal strength, but maybe something about to do with old wifi connection settings being ‘stuck’ in memory somewhere. Although we’ve kept our SSID the same, the Fritzbox has a different assignable IP address range from the Draytek (192.168.178.xxx as opposed to 192.168.1.xxx).

I could always ditch the Fritzbox in favour of a new VDSL Draytek, but I’d prefer to avoid the expense especially when there’s no guarantee it would fix the issue. Also I appreciate the preferred solution would be to connect via ethernet but this would be pretty much impossible in our house without resorting to hammer and chisel or powerline adapters, which again I’ve read are far from ideal.

My next step would be to try factory-resetting each player to see if that clears any old settings, but before I try that I thought I’d ask the good people of this forum whether I might be missing something obvious which would put and end to our enforced silence!

I’d be most grateful for any suggestions.

Regards to all

Before you try the full-on factory reset, you could try adding the Atom and NDX2 to your (wifi) network from the Naim App (main Rooms page, + sign at top left). This will effectively reset the internal wifi info and attach to your new wifi network as provided by your new ISP router. Follow the steps as you first did when new, possibly including re-pairing your remote and holding your wifi-connected phone nearby to obtain the wifi login credentials again).

The reason I’m suggesting this is that either your login credentials have changed (eg new default SSID and/ or password) or your intranet IP address has changed (eg old router used 192.168.1.xxx range but new one is on 192.168.2.xxx) and as a result your Naim boxes are looking for the old network rather than the new one.

I hope this helps, best wishes.

Regards alan

Zen internet?
I hope you resolve this before following my path. I didn’t find the Fritzbox WiFi to be effective (inadequate signal) and disabled it in the router and replaced it with a ubiquiti solution.

Many thanks for your reply Alan. I’m happy to report that your suggestion worked perfectly. You’re quite right in that both our SSID password and assignable IP range had changed as a result of the router swap. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this myself but that’s the beauty of forums like this - frequented by helpful people such as your good self.

Take care

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Thanks for taking the time to reply Robert. As you’ll see from my reply to Alan I was lucky enough to get everything connected and singing again. I’ll keep your option in mind though as we might well be adding new players to the further reaches of our house in due course.

Best regards

p.s. Robert yes you were right about Zen.

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