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I currently have NDX>SN2>HiCapDR>Spendor A6. I also have a Uniti Core which I love. I use a Hi Line which I think is great and all Powerlines. I’m looking to upgrade to a NDX2 and have arranged a home demo but my dealer says it will take around 8 weeks for the unit to arrive. I had demo’d a Hugo 2 but found it a little artificial and thin sounding so returned it. The treble seemed very accentuated and it was difficult to listen to at times. My dealer said I might find the same with NDX2. I have read in some posts that it can sound bright/harsh with some recordings. I love the presentation of the NDX so I’m hoping the NDX2 will be an enhanced version of that. I’d be interested to hear what others think of the bare NDX2 especially from those who have a similar system to mine. I don’t have a budget for any PSUs at this stage. I mostly listen to rock, electronic and jazz. Cheers, Peter

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I was in a similar position to you last year & bought an NDX2 on the proviso I could return if I wasn’t happy.
And it went back. I couldn’t hear an improvement over my existing NDX.
I’ve subsequently added an XPS2 & that’s a massive improvement.
Am currently considering a 555PS with a view of going to ND555 eventually.

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Depending on what your looking for I run my NDX2 through a Denafrips Terminator II and love the sound. Maybe a different DAC with the NDX could give you what you’re looking for.

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I found there to be a modest improvement in sound quality from the NDX2. For me, that alone would probably not be enough to justify the high price. What swings it for me is mainly the further sound quality improvements from 24 bit Qobuz and lossless FLAC iRadio plus Roon and Airplay for convenience.
I rarely look at the screen, and I find the remote much worse than the old one.

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I have an nd5 xs2 but did consider an ndx and ndx2. Big difference for me was the gen 2 models having a vastly improved front end/transport module over the ndx. Easier updates and further streaming capabilities as Chris said above.
Also the gen 2s with an ssd attached and in server mode provide (I think) all the facilities of the uniti core except ripping.

I found that the ndx2 had a little more grip and lower frequency emphasis than the others but that may have been me agreeing with the opinion of the dealer!!! The difference between the two gen 2s was pretty small.


If you can I would recommend comparing an NDX2 to your existing NDX with an XPS DR powering it.

I found that the XPS DR really refined the bare NDX which on reflection was a bit uncouth in comparison.

When I visited the factory I did ask what would be best, NDX2 or NDX/XPS DR. The feeling was that it would be very close with the NDX powered by an XPS DR having a superior DAC due to the better power supply which would be constrained by the older, inferior streaming board. I received a similar answer when asking about the difference between NDX2 and NDX/NDAC although with this combination it was felt that the legacy player would more than likely have the edge due to the far superior DAC in the NDAC.

The NDX2 is quite a compelling though, more features and you keep the box count down.

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If you don’t bother with Qobuz, an Ndac is a wonderful bargain today. Ndx/ Ndac is on the level, even perhaps better for some, vs Ndx2. It costs only 1k.

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If you can stretch to it add an XPS DR, it will bring huge benefits to both the existing system and is a must with the NDX2. As an aside I used a Naim DAC with an XPS for years and it was fantastic with the XPS, but rather ‘reedy’ without. The same with a CD2. Over 40 years of using Naim I am always amazed at the benefils of the power supplies. One other thing, for reasons I still do not understand (the phyiscs makes no sense to me) is all these components need time to settle in. I have added a NDX/XPS DR/ 252/SC over the last year and several months in they still seem to be improving, unless it is simply age erroding my ability to distinguish the difference. Don’t upgrade for the sake of it though, buy what you like as you can read from so many in this forum the prices may be high (Naim be careful here!) but the long term joy a great set up brings us is priceless.


Thanks very much for the replies everyone, very helpful indeed. I think I’m going to try and buy an nDAC although there don’t seem to be many on the market. I think the NDX is a wonderful streamer so I’m happy to stick with it for now and hopefully the nDAC will prove to be an effective upgrade. Will report back once I’ve managed to get my hands on one. Cheers, Peter

I smile when I read this (and there have been similar ones) … how times change! I bought the NDX and nDAC together … just 8 years ago … and recall comments on this forum (well, its predecessor) along the lines of what a waste of money/why have you done that … the nDAC adds nothing. At that time I could respond only by referring to Naim’s webpages which advised that the nDAC was an upgrade to the NDX.

With the subsequent XPS-DR the upgrade was even more significant.

And in recent weeks, though, I removed the nDAC from the set-up and used the XPS-DR to power the NDX … and was pleasantly surprised at just how good the sound was: I found it more “there”, perhaps not as subtle/refined.

And now, for the last 3 weeks I’ve been getting to know an NDX2 as a direct replacement to the NDX, i.e. powered by the XPS-DR but without the nDAC, At some non-determined date I shall bring the nDAC back in (with the XPS-DR transferred to it) and listen …
Happy days :grinning:


Yes please @Musicmad . I’m at a cross-roads with my nDac. I have so many low qual. items plugged into my nDac in the lounge - Kids X Box, old Humax PSR, Google Chromecast Audio Puck etc - and I’m unsure where to go after I introduce some ATC Actives and move the PowerAmp upstairs. Have you used Your NDX2’s digital inputs and used that as a Dac at all? I’m wondering about replacing the nDac with a Naim Streamer and also using it to route sources through it too. I did hear that there were some problems doing that - buggy - but I’m assuming that that has been sorted now.

Interesting post @Musicmad

Thank you … yes, I will report my (subjective) findings when I re-install the nDAC. but it may be a few more weeks.

I’m enjoying the (new) NDX 2 so much at present that I’m almost frightened to upset the status quo :grinning:

I am commenting* upon the differences re: the (old) NDX but that is not so relevant to your post, other than, yes, I have my Pioneer BluRay digital out routed to the NDX 2 for music concerts … these work very well. I’m less satisfied with films where the sound mix (even output in 2 channel stereo) can sound harsh and unrealistic. But this has been limited to only a few examples, so far (time spent listening to music … not watching films!)

Sure. No rush. I’ll watch this space with interest. Take care @Musicmad.


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Now done - see thread: NDX2 … one month on

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