Ndx2 fascia

Just set up new ndx2 and noticed that the fascia doesn’t seem to have been fixed on to the unit properly - there is a noticeably bigger gap between the casing and the fascia on the screen side then the usb side . Also the casing on the top right looks like it’s been filed down at the corner - quite bizarre. Is this all normal? I assume not …

Talk to your dealer about adjusting the fascia, but it kinda looks normal to me.
Just going to inspect mine ……
Right side behind the screen; looks perfectly parallel. Left side with the usb; looks parallel but very very slightly thicker gap compared with the right hand side.


Thanks Robert. Maybe I’m overreacting, just thought it should be perfectly aligned

The precision engineering is more on the inside!


I think mine is the same way. I will check when I get home.

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Terrible! Like shut lines of my 1980’s Range Rover!!

Looks fine to me.


Just for clarity, there should be a gap of a few mm between fascia and sleeve - part of the design.

Thanks Richard. Yes, I know that there should be a gap it was more that the gap was slightly wider at the screen side than the usb side. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter I suppose. Cheers

Mine is a little more wide on the right than the left. Take it from me, I actually have OCD (I don’t pretend to be cute by being neat, and people should not pretend to be OCD when they are not), and it does not bother me.

I noticed it, and I moved on! My psychologist would be happy :smiley:


Mine is ok all the way across, the ‘filed’ end does look a little odd to me alright. One of my Novas (I had 3 but that’s another story) had a screen that was misaligned and was replaced. I’d probably talk to your dealer, if you bought it new it’s an expensive piece of kit and should be 100%, OCD or not.


I got a new NDX2 few months ago, just looked at it and the gap similar to the picture. I wouldn’t have even noticed without this post, I don’t think it’s an issue at all.

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Absolutely. The gap on the right is much wider than the gap on the left. None of my Classic gear looks like this.

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I’d say it could be aligned better
Have your dealer adjust it
It shouldn’t be hard to do.

Looks fine to me too. Mine is similar to how others describe theirs, a slightly narrower gap at one end.

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