NDX2 … getting warm?

Is this normal? It’s not hot, but noticeably warm to the touch. Just checking in with the collective brain…

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Yes, normal.

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Yes, normal. My NDS is warm. My 135s are both warm and so is 555PS and Supercap 2. The rest is running cool as it’s not being used, although switched on.

It shouldn’t run hot, just warm.

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ND5XS2 is used as streaming transport and is cool.

Is it warmer at the back left? That’s what you’d expect as that’s where the streaming bits are, if I remember correctly.

Fans on my 135s are running. Music is loud! But only at 10 o’clock on 52.

And so it should be. Music is to be played however you want to!

Only :flushed:

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That’s right. Any louder and it will clip. Turned it down to 9 o’clock. See if fans switch off! Checking…

Fans still running. Must be all that bass! Wow! Sounds damned good.

Try it !

Thank you everybody! Help appreciated…


If it’s hot that’s different. Sometimes I find kit is warmer when there seems to be no reason to be. Sometimes cooler.

So now my NDS is cool! I don’t know what to make of it all!

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My HDX got HOT. I assumed it was the two 500GB HDDs but was assured by NAIM that it was, indeed, the digital boards in the unit. My NDX2 runs warm but nowhere near as hot as the HDX

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Yes, digital electronics tend to run warm, even when they are idling. The HDX and Unitiserve monitor temperature at various locations so you can monitor them if the mood takes you. Naim gear will shut down automatically if it gets too hot, so if it’s working you don’t need to worry too much.

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And this is why this forum is so good! Helpful and supportive comments. Thank you everybody… :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking from the front, the streaming bits are back right… back left are analogue stages and filters.


I would expect any warmth to be more on the right side… but I guess the case work dissipates it relatively evenly. My NDX2 which is configured in digital rather than analogue mode is only slightly warm… but I let it go into standby when not playing so that it is then powered by its efficient SMPS keeping key stages powered and at quiescent operating temperatures.

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I expected the same. With the transformer on right. But on NDS and 555PS warmth is on left. The ND5XS2 is always cool but is used as transport only.

Yes I think I am right in saying the regulators on the 555PS (these do create heat) are on the left…

Been listening for an hour.

NDX2 as transport is not warm at all on any corner. Almost like it wasn’t on…

nDAC is warmer, but only very slightly.

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